Friday, May 4, 2012

Lame Tim

Start #6:  ND (2-2)  5 innings  2 hits  3 earned runs   4 walks   4 strikeouts

The numbers really don't capture what a poor outing Tim Lincecum had against the Brewers this evening, a gut wrenching 6-4 defeat.   It was scary bad at the start.  Yep, that's right, this year's demon reappeared: the shitty first inning:  That makes 12 first inning runs this year. Luckily he settled down and retired the last ten men he faced but for a minute there he looked like he was getting the hook in the second inning.  Same problem; his fastball was all over the place, even though it rarely topped 90 mph.  I'm getting worried that something may be up.  Even the Brewers announcers were saying that Lincecum's follow-through looked different to them.  Hmmm, has something really changed?  Or is all this low quality crap just a "bad streak?'

The good: We knocked Zack Greinke out in the sixth with a nice little rally. It tied the game and got Tim off the hook. Yeah, I know the bullpen gave it back right away, but it felt good for a minute. Melky seems to be heating up again and man, do we need it.

The bad:  Too many horrible details to discuss.  My least favorite moment was after Tim gave up the damaging hit in the first and just stood there on the mound, completely failing to backup home. In fact, he actually cut off the throw home, right in front of Belt, the actual cut off man.  It looked lame and immature, like he was totally rattled.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure Nate had the worst pinch hit appearance ever.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

Yup, the PH by The Olympian was wretched. He had to deliver there. A run would have scored on an out.

The 'pen couldn't keep the team in the game, either--three runs, yikes. Romo gave up two hard-hit balls. He wasn't fooling them.

If something is wrong with Tim, this team is doomed. If he's just in a funk and plays his way out, then they can still get it going.