Sunday, June 10, 2012

The New Tim

Start #13:  Loss  (2-7)    5.2 innings   9 hits   5 runs   4 walks   5 strikeouts

Getting shut-out for the second time in three days should be the most troubling aspect of today's loss to the Rangers.  Oh no, the dark cloud of 2012 continues to be the complete ineffectiveness of Tim Lincecum.  He came into today with an embarrassing ERA of  5.83 and somehow found a way to RAISE IT to 6.00.  Six point frigging zero.  Unbelievable.

I have posted after EIGHT straight losses and I'm sick of it.  I know we all lived through that terrible August. But this feels different.  I am not sure what is different but I don't think we have seen the worst of it yet.  Talk amongst yourselves, or not.

The good:  Yeah, right.

The bad:  I am clearly rattled.  Nothing Tim is trying (assuming that he is trying) is working.  In fact, this start looked like a clear step backwards.  Have we entered a new era?  Could it all have changed so quickly?


M.C. O'Connor said...

It's always darkest just before the dawn.

Be strong, my friend.


It WILL get better for Tim!

Zo said...

Today, Tim had some very very good innings, along with some not-so-good ones. It would help if the Giants could do something offensively. Going into Friday, we had not been shut out. Now we have, twice. I am just hoping our hard won gains against LA don't evaporate against the American league puds.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, the team did not help Tim. Poor fielding, poor baserunning, poor hitting. Let's hope they get back in the groove against Houston.

Brother Bob said...

I feel sorry for you bro. The team in general is doing pretty well. Lincecum is like a little black cloud hanging over them.

Unknown said...

Lincecum has lost all confidence. You name it, he's doing it: he's nibbling, he's over throwing, etc etc.

Maybe it is the contract. Maybe a nagging injury. Maybe an age related loss of physical capability.

Whatever. When he walked the bases full Sunday, it was 100% clear the game was over. Every single team out there should know by now that if the count is 2 strikes, Lincecum is going to start throwing pitches in the dirt.

I wish him well, but watching him has become completely unbearable.

nomisnala said...

When Reuter started pitching this bad we released him. When Livan started pitching almost as poorly we said he was too fat. When Pablo comes back from hand surgery and bobbles a couple of balls, after Timmy walked a bunch of guys, we say its because Pablo is too fat. With Timmy they blame it on everything else except Timmy. He needs to go pitchless in Seattle, and let Hacker have his turn. He needs to rest his arm, and get his head on straight. Perhaps a good appointment at a pyschiatrist or an exorcism, would be appropriate. We want our Timmy back. He may stop this team from making the playoffs. He seems to have decided to go on a negative salary drive. At least Zito signed a long term contract before he started to screw-up.

Brother Bob said...

FYI to our friends @ RMC- Jon and I lost our big sister today. Linda had been gravely ill for months. Her struggle is over. She was surrounded by lots of love at the end. It was actually sort of wonderful.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Bob and Jon, our thoughts are with you.