Friday, June 29, 2012

The Perfect 36

And I ain't talkin' about Carol Doda! I know we watched a lotta channel 2 (KTVU) back in the day with Gary "Tan Man" Park, may he requiescat in pacem, but did you remember its sister station was channel 36 (KICU)? Mostly they covered the A's, and had the endless sitcom/movie lineup suitable for housewives, stoners, and students. And who will ever forget that SF icon and her enormous breasts, pouting and exhaling "perfect 36" on seemingly every commercial break? Ms. Doda was more like a 44, so I suppose that means the Giants will give up a run in the ninth today after adding another eight to the streak. And speaking of The Streak™, remember that 18-game stretch in 2010 where the Giants allowed three or fewer runs? That was something historic. And speaking of historic, how about those four straight team shutouts? It is hard to believe that was only the first shutout for Madison Bumgarner. We've seen him pitch so well in the short time he's been in the majors, you would have thought he'd racked up a couple by now. Matt Cain has six and Tim Lincecum has five. He was overdue. And it was a ONE-HITTER! That ball was hit right back up the middle and The Bumbino made a stab at it and that was that. A near no-hitter by the lefty lad from Hickory, against an excellent hitting club, I gotta say that's pretty damn cool.

The Giants benefited once again from poor fielding. That hilarious sequence in the bottom of the first that resulted in two runs bears re-watching as many times as you can. When Buster Posey scoots home from first on a single, you know it's epic. Angel Pagan got thrown out at third on the play, but it was close. Only a great throw by pitcher Johnny Cueto cut him down. Pagan scored later in the game on a backspin liner from Pablo Sandoval that sailed over the head of poor Todd Frazier (normally a third baseman). He took a step in and was toast. You could see him mouth "oh, fuck" on the slo-mo replay. Giants outfielders catch everything, you notice that? After Gregor Blanco's booming triple to score MadBum he flashed the "shark fin" and that wonderful smile. He doesn't have the effusiveness and loveability of Andres Torres (who does?), but he's got everything else. What a pickup by the club. And keep smiling, that's some seriously photogenic shit, man. Melky Cabrera got a new nickname ("Lechero") from Duane Kuiper on the rap for his two-hit, two-walk, two-run night. His Melkiness is awesome.

Matt Cain tonight. No pressure, dude. Just a perfect 36 from the other guys, 30 by the rest of the ro'. Nothin' you can't handle, eh?



p.s. Another highlight: AmyG said "snot rocket" on the post-game interview!

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Relio Estondado said...

The post-game snot rocket back and forth was awesome. MadBum didn't seem to care either way. We are also stealing your term, "smog suckers". Thanks for that. Cheers!