Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Predictable Tim

Start #12 :    ND   (2-6)     6 innings   5 hits (4 were XBH)   4 runs   1 walk   8 strikeouts

The only thing getting damn predictable about Tim Lincecum's starts is our tendency to lose, which is what just happened in dramatic fashion, 6-5 at Petco.  (It is now 2-10 for the year, with no real signs of improving.) Otherwise, no one could have predicted the power display put on by the lowly puds, specifically Carlos Quentin with a pair and Logan Forsythe with the walk-off winner.

I suppose another predictable aspect of tonight's ball-breaker was Tim giving up a big inning. In the second inning alone, Tim gave up all four runs on a homer, two doubles and a walk.  In fact, in the other five innings, Lincecum faced one batter over the minimum.  That is the fourth time this year he has had a four run inning and it is the eighth time he has yielded four or more runs, which equals his total for all of last year.  For perspective, Timmeh entered this season having surrendered four or more runs in 32 of his 156 (20.5%) contests.  The freaky yuck just keeps on coming.

The good:  Ryan Theriot reached base five times with three hits and two walks, his best day as a Giant so far.  With Joaquin Arias failing to put up impressive numbers, Theriot looks like our regular 2B after the Panda returns.  Gregor Blanco continues to get on base ... which is what it is all about, right?

The bad:  Just like my last post, I must ask: Why is Steve Edlefsen in the majors? It took him , what? Two pitches to lose this one?


Brother Bob said...

Non-baseball aside- My wonderful daughter Maggie graduated from high school yesterday, while Venus was transitting the sun.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I miss WillyMo.

Giants usually win when they have a lead in the 7th. I guess they went to the Affeldt well too many times. And with Casilla out they are a man short.

Great AB by BCraw in the 7th off Cashner.