Monday, June 4, 2012

Squeakin' out a sweep!

Giants score 11 runs in four games and win them all. Today they once again benefited from poor fielding by the Cubs. Starlin Castro lost track of the outs and let a run score that tied the game. He may not have made the DP, but we'll never know because he never made the effort since he thought the inning was over. Giants go 6-1 on the homestand. Important stat: one error. Total. The Giants made only one error in seven games. They won six of the seven. If you build your team around pitching, you have to make the plays. Catch the ball, throw the ball, catch the ball, etc. And keep track of the outs! Not much scoring once again as the starters on both sides were very tough. I really like Chicago's righty, Jeff Samardzija. A converted reliever, he looks like he just might be putting it together at age 27. The Cubs got great pitching in the series and had nothing to show for it but painful losses. Ryan Vogelsong didn't walk anyone today--first time all season. He's been superb since coming back from his injury, but the bases on balls (26 in 68 IP) were a concern. He gave up a lot of hits (8) and didn't strike out many batters (3), but he did what he always does which was go seven and keep it close. The Giants have won the last six games he's started.


p.s. Giants draft a big, hard throwing pitcher from Mississippi State. Chris Stratton. I like it.

p.p.s. Not this again.


Zo said...

Well, it appears as though the Giants have gone 8-4 while I was away. That's pretty good. Matt and Ryan have done nothing but win in my absence, while Tim has not won. I note that the lineup still appears pretty weak (at least, last night's). We have hitters with Angel, Melky and Buster, and that is about it (and Gregor, who was not in last night's lineup). The Giants have won lately, but seem to be dissatisfied with the injured Pablo Sandoval. I guess I can't blame the guy for getting a bit lazy during his injury, but then, keeping in shape is his job and he is paid damn well to do it. When I left, the Giants were 7 back of the smog-suckers, not they are but 3 back. That is a definite improvement, without Pablo, Freddy or Tim's contribution. We also took 2 of 3 from the annoying dbacks. What if, just for speculation's sake, the Giants continue to play at a good pace, but Tim doesn't get it in gear until the end of the season, just in time to become awesome for the playoffs. Would that be so bad?

nomisnala said...

I guess they weighed him, because he does not look any fatter to me.