Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Man Standing

Giants win a war of attrition in San Diego to stay on top. It took 11 players and 7 pitchers! The only position player not used was Hector Sanchez. This 13-man staff is a little weird, but with the 'pen being a bit unsettled I can understand it. Nice to see Santiago Casilla throw well, they are going to need him. Man of the Match Award again goes to Joaquin Arias for three hits (including a homer) and three runs batted in. The biggest play of the night, though, was FNG Hunter Pence's double to drive in Buster Posey (who had doubled) in the 9th to make it 8-5. That turned out to be the difference as Jeremy Affeldt gave up two runs with two outs in the bottom half to make it a nail-biter. Clay Hensley had to bail him out. Affeldt has been very good lately, but he apparently lost his mojo after a close call on what he thought was a game-ending strikeout. Can't let that happen, lad, those "late-and-close" situations call for a cool head. Pence has a career .818 OPS and is sporting a .217/.263/.348 line in his 17 games with the orange-and-black. Time for him to give us a big lift. Buster can't do all the heavy lifting. Posey is a legit MVP candidate--how often to you see catchers hit like that? Vogie goes for the sweep today.




M.C. O'Connor said...

This is like a noir story. Reeks of desperation.

Money talks, man. People do crazy shit for fame and fortune.

Shankbone said...

Terrible on the Melky front. This fake web site is comically bad. He is dead to me.

However... Buster Posey. Now THAT is a guy you can build around. What position does he play again?