Sunday, August 19, 2012

Outta Gas in SD

The Little Engine That Could couldn't quite do it today. It ran out of gas after the first inning. Ryan Vogelsong had another uncharacteristic start and the Giants never got anything going against old antagonist Clayton Richard. I'm not concerned about Vogie, everyone has ups and downs. He'll get his groove back. The lineup really looked flat, they will need to swing the bats a little better in LA. The Giants go to Chavez LAtrine down in the standings by 1/2 game, and the first man they'll face is Clayton Kershaw. Super southpaw Madison Bumgarner gets the match-up. It's crunch time, mates.

In other news, I am expecting a review copy of a DVD of Matt Cain's perfect game very soon. It's put out by A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions, part of their "Baseball's Greatest Games" series. I don't usually do anything promotional on this site, but they contacted me about running a giveaway and I couldn't pass it up. Matt Cain! C'mon, Matt Cain. Anyway, I've got a trivia quiz put together that I'll post soon. There will be two winners and each will receive a copy of the video from A+E. Sound like fun? Details to follow.




Zo said...

Well, I'm worried. We now have two starters that we have to wonder about, Vogelsong and Timmy; two that we don't, Madison and Matt; and we have Zito. We pulled Zito yesterday because all of our relievers were well rested and needed work. Now we are headed to LA and our relievers are not well rested, they have pitched 10 of the last 17 innings. What's more, they have not looked all that good. Now we have to go into LA against a supremely confident team, featuring another one of these fucking Claytons. Net since the All Star break - LA has added three (Blanton, Ramirez and Victorino) and the Giants added one (Pence) but lost one (Cabrera). For a race that was already tight, that's worrying.

nomisnala said...

I think they figured out the way to get to Vogelsong is to foul off a ton of pitches. Vogey was not hit that hard, and he did not look lost like timmy or zito. They just dinked and blooped him to the showers.