Thursday, August 23, 2012

RMC Sweeeeeeepstakes!

That was fun, eh? I can get used to sweeping the Dodgers. Way to go, Giants!

I promised I would put together a little contest for the site this week, and I can't think of a better time than right now. Matt Cain got the win in the final game of the set in LA, and this trivia quiz is in honor of no. 18 and El Perfecto. How fortunate we are to have Matt Cain on our favorite ball club. Did I mention he was signed through 2017?

I just received my DVD from A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions in the mail this afternoon. You can check it out here, that is, here:

Pretty cool, wouldn't you say? Don't you want one? Heck, it's a $12.99 value (plus shipping)! And all you have to do is answer some questions. In this age of Google, Baseball-Reference, and Wikipedia, all trivia contests are easy, so get cracking! First two people to answer all ten correctly win the above DVD of El Perfecto. You can enter multiple times, but you have to put in all ten answers every time. I'll go by the blog time-stamp to pick the winners. Post your answers as comments on this blog post. Note: I don't actually have your prizes--you'll have to send me (via your snail mail address so I can forward it to them so they can send it directly to you (Continental US only). Got it? Have fun and good luck.

All answers are individuals associated with the San Francisco Giants.
  1. His first name is actually Dustin. He's from Mississippi and has a son named Whit.
  2. Duane Kuiper had his own nickname for our now-disgraced left fielder.
  3. This Syracuse grad took over the mic when Flemm's failed for Bond's 715th HR.
  4. The East Tennesse State Buccaneers have produced two Giants. One was Atlee Hammaker. The other was part of the deal that sent Dusty Baker to the Dodgers.
  5. This Giant lost part of his fingers to a table saw and still tried to play baseball.
  6. He's the oldest of the Rojas boys.
  7. Both are from New Jersey and both threw no-hitters, but only one led the league in WHIP.
  8. He was drafted by the Giants but pitched against them in the 2000 LDS.
  9. His latest project is “The Restless Kind.”
  10. This Original San Francisco Giant makes a mean BBQ.




Relio Estondado said...

1 Eli Whiteside
2 La Lechero
3 Greg Papa
4 Ed Goodson
5 Roger Metzger
6 Felipe Alou
7 Ed Halicki
8 Dennis Cook
9 Tim Flannery
10 Orlando Cepeda

Felipe Rodrigues said...

1 - Eli Whiteside
2 - Lechero
3 - Greg Papa
4 - Ed Goodson
5 - Roger Metzger
6 - Felipe Alou
7 - John Montefusco & Ed Halicki
8 - Dennis Cook
9 - Tim Flannery
10 - Orlando Cepeda

M.C. O'Connor said...

Well, that was easy!

Congratulations, you guys are the winners!!

I realize that #7 was a little vague, I was looking for Halicki (who I once thought would win Cy Young Awards aplenty), but of course The Count counted, too. So I award both of you "correct" responses. And I don't think Kuip ever said "La" Lechero (wouldn't it be "El"?) but that's a quibble.

The answers spell out EL PERFECTO: Eli, Lechero, Papa, Ed, Roger, Felipe, Ed, Cook, Tim, Orlando.

Relio, Felipe, send me your snail mail addresses via email and I will "alert the media." You should get your prizes within a few days.

THANKS FOR PLAYING and, as always, thanks for reading RMC.

M.C. O'Connor said...


Don't forget to send me your postal address so you can get your prize!