Wednesday, August 15, 2012

That's More Like It

Last night, Madison Bumgarner returned to form, pitching the Giants to their first win this season against the Washington Nationals.  You had to wonder if we were going to be able to win against this team, but Mr. Bumgarner showed the same cool that got him a world series victory in his second career complete game.

The Nats got a run in the seventh, it was "earned", but sort of maybe not really.  The ball was hit to right-center, Pence maybe should have caught it, it was within his reach, but he didn't.  No matter, by then it was two to one, largely because of Brandon Belt.  Brandon B. doubled to score Hunter Pence in the second, then singled to score Pablo Sandoval in the sixth.  On both rbi hits, he got thrown out trying to stretch it one more base.  Belt went 3 for 4 on the night though.  Madison pitched the ninth after Cabrera, Posey, Pence and Belt all scored to make it 6 to 1.

Downsides:  Madison failed to put down a bunt in the eighth.  What, that's it?  Pretty much, although Belt needs to be a little more circumspect in his baserunning, but then again, he got 3 hits and 3 rbis. 

Upsides:  So, so many.  Rested relievers.  Madison bouncing back from his last start.  Belt and Pence both hitting.  Pablo's back.

Lasting image:  Madison Bumgarner's smooth, smooth delivery.  108 pitches, 6 K's, 1 walk (ninth inning).  Yes!


Zo said...

Madison Bumgarner is barely 23. As Jon and Duane were saying last night, we do not yet know how good Mr. Bumgarner can be. Also, I'll be a the game today to watch Timmy vs Stevey.

nomisnala said...

Unless Timmy can find his inner Lincecum, (Cy Young), we could be in for a long day. At one point in his career I thought they may have to change the name of the Cy Young award, but things can change rapidly. Let them change back abracadabra.

Ron said...

Well, this changes things:

What a disappointment.

Ron said...

At least he is man enough to admit it. Are you listening, Ryan Braun?

Ron said...


And another: I don't care that he would be eligible to come back after 4 playoff games. The Giants need to say "Thanks for jacking with us ... after we sign you to a deflated deal, because you just cost yourself millions in prospective free agent big bucks, we'll see you at Training Camp in February 2013. Go lift some weights or something."

M.C. O'Connor said...

One thing at a time. The Giants have to get to the playoffs, first.

Not only does he hurt the team, he cost himself a LOT. The Giants were going to give him a big, multi-year deal. That's off the table now.

This is a huge blow. A stupid mistake by Cabrera and the lineup we've all coveted now has a huge hole. Major bummer.

I note that Pagan and Theriot were 0-9 today in the 1-2 spots. Ouch.

And Tim--what's left to say about The Freak? He could not deliver AGAIN. Great matchup, rotten results. Wow, double whammy in one day.

Zo said...

Timmy wasn't finished after 3, but was removed for an Arias pinch hit (non-hit). He had thrown 96 pitches. I heard the Melky news from the people behind me as I sat down. I was kind of hoping it was contested, but the news article says he basically copped to it. Beautiful day, I wish Tim could have made more of a game of it. Strasburg did not look dominating, but at the end of the day, his numbers were pretty good, 4 hits, 2 runs in 6.

nomisnala said...

You would Think melky could protest it so it would not kick in until next season, but I guess it either does not work that way, or with free agency on the line, his agent could not deal with a 50 game suspension starting next year. Maybe now Jonathan Sanchez does not look so bad.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim needed to match Strasburg. Then it might have been a game.