Saturday, August 11, 2012

Total Team Effort

Matt Cain had an easy first five this afternoon, facing just 17 hitters, and by then the Giants were up 5-0. In the 6th he loaded the bases and gave up a run, but the Giants scored again in the bottom of the inning to break it wide open. It was a more Cain-like line (7-1/3  7  2  2  1  6, Game Score 61) than we've seen in a while. I would have taken him out after seven, even though he'd thrown only 84 pitches, as these are the dog days and every inning you save now you gain in September and October. Sure enough, he got rocked a bit in the 8th and Ol' Boch had to go to the 'pen, but it all worked out. The Rockies are not a very good club and the Giants really need to take advantage of the mismatch and gain some ground in the race. The Buster Posey Shock & Awe Show continued its brilliant run, and Colorado even obliged with an intentional walk. Man, that guy can play. He hits a huge homer and throws out a would-be base stealer, too! Note: Buster in the lineup, 13 hits, 9 runs; Buster on the bench, 3 hits, zero runs. Coincidence? I think not.

Everyone contributed to the win, which was nice to see after last night's lackluster effort. Joaquin Arias gets my Man of the Match Award for some fine situational hitting in the 2nd (sac fly to open the scoring), a single and run scored in the 6th, and a fabulous triple (and another run scored) in the 8th. Good day with the stick for the glove man (I'll forgive the error in the 9th). Way to go, no. 13! Big weekend for the Cain Posse what with the El Perfecto Presentation last night (lovely little event, by the way) and the studly start today. Matty also chipped in an RBI single and sac bunt just to show off for his family, friends, in-laws, out-laws, ex-coaches, groupies, hangers-on, and, uh, the thousands of paying customers. Ryan Theriot had two hits, Angel Pagan had a two-run triple, Hunter Pence got a big RBI hit, and FNG Jose Mijares took care of Carlos Gonzalez in a clutch spot. Everyone in the starting lineup got a hit and the first eight guys all scored a run. It takes a village, man.



p.s. My analysis has determined that the Giants CAN score runs at home. They are averaging 4.5/game on the current homestand.


Zo said...

It was a southwest corner of Tennessee match-up today with Matt Cain, the pride of Germantown, putting a home-town whuppin' on Drew Pomeranz, who hails from just a couple of miles down the Bill Morris Parkway in Collierville, TN. It was July 15 when Matt got his 10th win, although I have given up hope on any Giant reaching 20 this year (well, maybe Maddy has a chance), I want them all in double digits. Zeets is next and then, with some work, Tim.

Brother Bob said...

I don't care what some might say, I love to see a new W added to our boys record.
Posey is amazing. If he keeps this up he'll have to be considered for MVP.