Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Touchdowns Will Do It

I'm usually ready to call it a game when the score is 14-0, even if they miss the extra points. Ryan Vogelsong's beautiful streak ended tonight, and I come to praise him, not to bury him. What a superb run of pitching we've seen from him these last two seasons, and what many more outstanding efforts we will see going forward. The Vogelstory has been told, it needs not retelling. The Vogelsaga has been written, it needs not rewriting. The Vogelsong has been sung, it needs not karaoking. I thought of Madison Bumgarner and that crazy game last year where he gave up hits to the first eight guys--he turned out OK after that. The Nationals showed they can do it all and are the real deal. You'd think the Giants would have realized that after the lovely series in D.C. last month, but no, they are a stubborn bunch. Uh, hello, this is a great team, OK? Let's put together a wee bit better effort tomorrow, eh?


p.s. I went to this game. I was a high school kid. My brothers and I won the tickets for walking twenty miles for a muscular dystrophy fundraiser. Maybe it was another cause, I can't recall. Candlestick still had astroturf, and when only a few thousand showed up it was like watching a game in a tunnel. That was bad, especially since it was an hour's drive to the ballpark. The Cardinals got 23 hits and scored 17 runs, and wore light blue, tight-fitting uniforms. It only lasted 2-1/2 hours though, about 45 minutes shorter than last night's game.


Big D said...

Oh my God! I was also at the 17-2 loss to the Cards. I believe I posted about a few years ago.

Big D said...

Here's my post from 2007 --

nomisnala said...

After two games now the run differential is only 7. 15 to 8.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Wow, there were only about 6000 folks at that game! It's a small world, esp. when you are a Giants fan.