Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Beautiful Start, Another Loss

Remember when, a couple weeks back, we opined that it couldn't get worse?  It has.  Another 1 run loss to a team that defines mediocrity, the Chicago Cubs, decade in a decade out.  Today's lineup featured a trio of Giant cast-offs, among them Nate Schierholtz, who hit a solo home run, in the NINTH FUCKING INNING to win 1 - 0 today.

No offense for the Giants.  None.   Chances - RISP in the 5th, 6th and 7th.  No runs scored.  Then, in the 8th, there were bases LOADED with NO outs.  Did the Giants score?  They did not.  In the 9th, there were bases LOADED and ONE out.  How would a double play work to make the game suck in totality?  In the words of Duane Kuiper - "Unbelievable!"   If there is any, tiny upside to this, it is that we are not likely to make a move to hope to boost the Giants into the playoffs.  Because they need soooo much more than a boost.


Brother Bob said...

Yeah, that's it, I've had it. Back in last place, apparently where we belong.
My last drop of hope has evaporated.
I made a brilliant prediction in the pre-season that this year's Giants team would be even better than last year's. That was based on an expectation of a more potent offense. I was in love with the leadoff combo of Pagan and Scutaro, and I was assuming that Sandoval and Pence would both be putting up big power numbers.
What I didn't openly predict at that time was that there was no way we would ever possibly win the World Series again. It just wasn't "in the cards."
I'm recalling now how so many of the Giants early wins this year were of the miraculous come-from-behind variety. We seemed to be riding another big wave of mojo.
The moment which has defined the season up to now has to be Angel Pagan's amazing game-winning inside-the-park home run. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever witnessed on a baseball diamond. And as it turned out, it was the last time Pagan played so far.
His absence has hurt us more than is usually acknowledged. It gets lumped in with all the other injuries.
Another injury which sticks in my mind is Vogelsong's. Recall, he was sucking on a regular basis- until that game, when he seemed to have everything going right again, then WHACK the ball breaks his finger. Creepy bad Karma.
Then Timmy's no-hitter. What's not to love about that? But then to have him fail so miserably in the follow-up start, it just breaks my heart.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ouch. I thought Friday was horrid, I have no words for this one.

nomisnala said...

I have been a giants fan since way back in the polo grounds and this is about the worst 2 game loss sequence that I can remember!

M.C. O'Connor said...


Wow, Polo Grounds! We thought WE were long-time fans! I hereby anoint you Elder of the Church of RMC. You should sign in as "Deacon" or something.

I remember lots of losses, especially in those cruel Candle-stone days. This weekend's run, though, was particularly galling given the talent of the current club, and the fact that they are defending champs.

I keep thinking we've reached the nadir of the season, and that things would start looking up. And they keep finding ways to go lower.