Thursday, July 11, 2013

Giants Win Again!

Last time the Giants won, Madison Bumgarner was on the hill.  Also, tonight!  Until yesterday, you might have said that everything about the Giants kind of had a sinking feeling with the exception of Matt Cain or Madison Bumgarner.  After yesterday..........................

Let's be positive.  A home run from Pablo Sandoval.  That was his first since May.  Gregor Blanco had some hits.  And Kensuke Tanaka!  12 hits, 3 for Blanco, 2 for Posey and Tanaka.  Madison gave up 3 hits in the first inning to allow 2 runs, but only 1 more in seven, striking out 6 and walking only 1.  He is going to the All Star game.  I think that the managers are catching on to what should be the obvious strategy - have a bunch of closers on your team.  The pitchers, with the exception of the starter, rarely go more than one inning anyway. 

Well, we could go back to bitching about all the bases-loaded at bats the Giants had that did not score, but let's not put a damper on the evening.  There do seem to be some omens that the Giants might hit at a better clip.  Baseball can turn around quickly, especially when it is hard to fathom reasons.

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