Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blow Chow Tim

In a lost season full of gut wrenching losses, I suppose this one, a 6-5 failed comeback against the Nats, could be considered a "good" loss.  We hung tough and didn't completely fold.  That is what we have come to.  Analyzing the good qualities of losses.  Excuse me while I vomit.

Speaking of which, Tim Lincecum (6-12) took the well deserved loss.  A fourth inning melt down (didn't he do that a few times earlier this year?) was his undoing: 

Bottom 4

  • 1.Bryce Harper singles on a line drive to center fielder Gregor Blanco.
  • 2.Jayson Werth singles on a soft ground ball to third baseman Pablo Sandoval. Bryce Harper to 2nd.
  • 3.Ian Desmond grounds out sharply, first baseman Brandon Belt to pitcher Tim Lincecum. Bryce Harper to 3rd. Jayson Werth to 2nd.
  • 4.Tim Lincecum intentionally walks Adam LaRoche.
  • 5.Anthony Rendon doubles (17) on a fly ball to center fielder Gregor Blanco. Bryce Harper scores. Jayson Werth scores. Adam LaRoche to 3rd.
  • 6.Kurt Suzuki singles on a soft fly ball to left fielder Roger Kieschnick. Adam LaRoche scores. Anthony Rendon to 3rd.
  • Coaching visit to mound.
  • 7.Jordan Zimmermann out on a sacrifice bunt, pitcher Tim Lincecum to second baseman Marco Scutaro. Kurt Suzuki to 2nd.
  • 8.Denard Span walks. Wild pitch by pitcher Tim Lincecum. Anthony Rendon scores. Kurt Suzuki to 3rd.
  • 9.Ryan Zimmerman singles on a ground ball to third baseman Pablo Sandoval. Kurt Suzuki scores. Denard Span advances to 3rd, on a throwing error by third baseman Pablo Sandoval.
  • 10.Bryce Harper strikes out swinging. 
     Of course, some stanky defense was thrown in there, but it was mostly bad pitching.  So, after some of the best pitching in his career, we get a real clunker.  I was getting very excited and figuring we should throw a big contract at him, now I'm thinking we should wait and see a little longer.  One bad start doesn't change my overall desire that we re-sign Tim, but he sure doesn't make it easy.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Man, I really thought Pence's liner in the gap was gonna do it. Great catch by Span. I was up and yelling and waving the runners home and then it was all over.

I would like to see the Giants keep Lincecum. Like all players, he'll have some stinko stretches, but he's an amazing talent. I'd hate to see him in another uniform.

Zo said...

This was our first game of 5 runs this month. Yes, it has come to that.

I'm working on a theory that the Giants are a very average team. Average hitting, average pitching. But with a high degree of variability. It's just that, last year, all drift from the mean were in the positive direction, and this year, all negative. I just wish that this highly improbably theory wasn't reinforced every damn game.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I like to say "if you are average most of the time and great every once in a while you'll be in the Hall of Fame."

Most teams hope to be average, i.e. 81 wins or .500 winning percentage. If a team is ONE GAME better than average in every seasonal inning (10-8 instead of 9-9) that's a 90-win team. So yeah, all it takes is that little drift from the mean to the plus side to make a team winners. ANd as we are seeing this year, it can go the other way just as easily!