Friday, August 16, 2013

Two Touchdowns in Miami!

The Giants win 14-10 against the Marlins tonight, Brandon Belt (4 hits, 4 runs), Hunter Pence (3 hits, 5 RBI), and Pablo Sandoval (4 hits, 3 RBI) leading the way. It should be noted that young Hector Sanchez slugged another three-run homer, his second in two games. You know how radio announcers and old baseball guys on TV say stuff like "it's one of those nights" and "balls are flying all over the place in this yard" and "you just know those runs won't be enough on a night like tonight" and all that other shite? Yeah, this was that kind of game. Yet, the Giants prevailed. They took a 7-0 lead, and despite 16 hits by the other guys, never relinquished it. Sandy Rosario was credited with the pitcher-win for his two scoreless innings (6th and 7th), this a day after getting smacked in the chest by a line drive. Apparently he's OK. The Giants--hey, they are playing OK, too.

Keep it rolling, lads.



nomisnala said...

We had a couple of guys with chances for the cycle. The Marlins made a few really good catches to hold the giants to 14 runs. I hope Belt stays hot. We score 14 runs without Posey in the lineup. I sure hope that Pablo goes on a tear for the next 6 weeks. Scutaro started it off the way a leadoff batter should. And it was all offense after that. Giants did a good job of fouling off good pitches instead of making weak off balanced outs. Now lets give Cain and Bumgarner ample run support. Will be out the game tomorrow at that horrible green field. Though, the seats are fairly comfortable at Marlins stadium.

Zo said...

How's the food? I heard that the Marlins have (or at least had in the former stadium) the best Cuban food in the majors.

nomisnala said...

At the game to see Matt Cain pitch. It's the third inning and so far the giants are getting Cained!

nomisnala said...

He left one up to Stanton and the ball is still in orbit