Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giants Get 4-3 Math Right, Win Ballgame

We talked about this score four and give up three thing before, right? The lads must have gotten the memo this morning as they clawed back against the Rockies this afternoon and closed the homestand on a happy note. Yusmeiro Petit didn't do anything spectacular, but he didn't implode either, and the 'pen held on to give the lineup a chance to rally. And rally they did, getting four singles and two runs in six batters off Matt Belisle to take the lead in the 8th. It was much like the Colorado rally in the 6th that chased Petit--four singles and two runs in six batters. No fireworks today, but it should have been a Giants blowout. They received eight walks from Rockies pitchers, in addition to the nine hits, but were only 3-for-11 with RISP and left 13 men on base. It's that "death-by-thousand-paper-cuts" offense I love so much. As long as they pitch well, it works OK, but it's not exactly inspiring. An occasional long ball here and there is nice. At least an extra-base hit or two. Or three. Two doubles is all they got today, with the seven singles, but it beat the other guys, whose nine hits were all singles.

I would really rather not see the Dodgers clinch against the Giants this weekend. Push it back to Monday, I say.



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nomisnala said...

Petit did not implode by the usual B. Tomko standards, but he was again starting off throwing a perfect game, then a walk, and a hit, and the rocks bunched some hits together and scored some runs. He did not fully fall apart like Vogey has been doing in the fifth, but he kind of mini-imploded. Looks as if signed, the combo of Vogey, Gaudin, and Petit can compete for the 4th and 5th starter position, and long relief. That is, if we keep Lincecum. The Yanks, may just give him an offer he cannot refuse.