Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last game against Arizona for 2013

I didn't see Madison Bumgarner pitch today, I was at Golden Gate Park for free Opera.  I did get home in time for the Giants to win the thing, though, as Ehire Adrianza, running for Hector Sanchez, dashed home for a 3-2 victory in 11 innings.  Here is what I know about Madison.  He threw 6 innings, and was removed.  Not that he was struggling, probably just to make sure he does not wear down in the dog days.  Maddy gave up 4 hits, no walks, no runs and struck out 9.  He threw only 89 pitches.  The Giants spotted him 2 runs, one by Buster Posey who played first today, but Santiago Casilla gave those runs back in the eighth.  Javier Lopez got the win.  Ehire Adrianza has no plate appearances, but 1 run to his credit.

Two runs is pretty good support for Madison Bumgarner, and it was nice to see him not take a loss.  In his last 10 games, including today, the Giants have scored 14 runs when he has been on the mound.  In that time, he has picked up 1 win, with 4 runs of support (leaving 10 spread across 9 games) and 3 losses.  He ranks 74th among 80 pitchers ranked in 2013 run support, worse than Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum.   But better than some people, like Steven Strasburg.  Maybe it was hubris on my part, for talking up Madison as Cy Young-like so early in the season.  Perhaps the baseball gods looked upon Madison and said, "Oltre quel' limite."*

After the game, the announcers were talking about how happy the Giants were to get a split.  Happy to win the game (on an Angel Pagan single) yes, but happy to get a split?  Have we fallen that far?  It seems to me that yesterday's game should have been won and wasn't.  They should have won 3/4. All in all, we did manage to go 12-7 against the snakes.  Kind of surprising.

Giuseppe Verdi "Attila"  He also lost. Attila, not Verdi.


M.C. O'Connor said...

If the Giants played only NL West teams they'd be pretty good (35-28).

I want to see Ol' Boch reduce the workloads the rest of the way. Hell, let's get a six-man rotation and see the rooks.

Free opera in the Park, eh? Nice. And drop in some more of that foreign talk, too. Classes up the place a bit, don't ya think?

Ron said...

Gigantes de San Francisco 2014 ... ajua!!!!!

Ron said...

O, es que decir: ¡¡¡¡¡Ajua!!!!!

Brother Bob said...

If MadBum had earned a "W" for every game he started and gave up 2 or fewer earned runs, yesterday would have been W # 20 for him (according to the Oakland Tribune)

Zo said...

Bob - I'll buy that. He is also ranked somewhere around 7th or 8th in era in the NL.

Attila has a dream in which an old man appears and tells him that he should not invade Rome. "This way is closed to you, it is home of the Gods." Verdi was probably playing to the home crowd, but Attila shakes it off, and, as the music swells, convinces himself that he is invincible and to invade anyway.