Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Giants Perfect in Openers

Tim Hudson took the sting out of the Diamondbacks bats today much like he did last week in Arizona. Though not quite as dominant a performance he was nonetheless impressive once again, and Brian Sabean looks like a genius here in the early going. Speaking of early going, you can't ever really say how a season will turn out after a mere eight games, but I really like 6-2 and I reckon you do as well. Brandon Belt 'tatered what looked like a really good sinker in the 1st and carved himself out a nice slice of Giants lore to boot. Speaking of booting, Brandon Hicks threw away a double play chance that cost a run, but it didn't ultimately matter as the team kept scoring and Huddy kept dealing. Just keep winning, lads.

The Giants were the featured opponent for the home openers in both Phoenix and Los Angeles. Today's Home Opener in San Francisco completed the trifecta. The Giants and the Yankees were the last two teams to have their home openers. (They left early in the Bronx.) I'm glad the team is home and has a pile of wins. I'm also glad to be done with all the folderol. No more bunting, just more baseball!

Tim Lincecum tomorrow night.




Shankbone said...

Be nice for the other starters to go look at Hudson's 8.0 IP eh?

Santiago Casilla has been quite good in early action.

Zo said...

Arizona, meanwhile, has lost 4 openers: Australia, Phoenix, Denver, and San Francisco.

M.C. O'Connor said...

That's 15-2/3 and only 57 batters faced, AND he's got 11 K and zero BB. He's dealin', man. Let's hope it is indeed contagious.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

The good news is that we know from previous years that the pitchers feel the pressure to match what the others are dealing, and from what I gather from my very short reading of Hudson quotes, he'll probably needle Cain, Lincecum, and Vogelsong about how an ol' geezer like him is lasting 8 IP. I took it as a positive that Lincecum didn't walk anyone in his last start, duplicating Hudson, let's see if he can do it again.

Wow, Hudson has been better than advertised, though I would note that he was basically set up to do well in these starts, he has owned AZ his whole career. It is kind of like Zito in 2012 when he shut out Colorado while we were struggling to win, that's great that he did it, but he's had some voodoo in Coors in his career, allowing him to do well there, that is inexplicable since the thin air is suppose to screw up breaking ball pitchers like him. Hudson has that same voodoo in AZ.

But I'll take it! And hopefully he can keep it up, I wasn't too worried about his leg the whole spring, but then they brought that up in this start, that it might be different depending on the weather.

And hopefully we can put our foot to their neck, as Shankbone put it, and win the series (or better!), but it'll be tough facing Arroyo, who has owned us before.