Thursday, April 3, 2014

Start It Up Tim

    The Giants take the opening series from the snakes with an 8 - 5 victory, featuring a thrilling late game offensive explosion.  If you are a fan of the big fly, you liked this game! Arizona is officially off to slow start (1 - 5) and has a bullpen in flames. Meanwhile, the Giants are already showing a no-quit attitude that was a hallmark of the last championship. Bring on the doggers!

 Start #1  ND  (0-0)   6 innings  8 hits  4 runs  4 earned  0 walks  7 strikeouts  2 hr

     Tim Lincecum starts his 2014 campaign with a solid, yet distinctly flawed outing.  Two different 2 run homers were Tim's undoing; one from an "old" nemesis (Goldschmidt) and the other from a newbie (Trumbo).  Otherwise, you have to like what you saw: no walks, loads of ground balls (8), no walks, few flyballs (1), and, let me check....yeah, no walks! He did OK; something to build on.

     Brandon Belt's third homer in the first four games, quite the rarity, was over shadowed by the ultimate game decider, Angel Pagan's 3 run blast in the eighth.  Man that dude has a lot o' hair!  Tip of the hat to Brandon Hicks and his PH homer. Way to make the Skipper look like a genius.  I suppose the key play turned out to be the intentional walk to Buster. After all, we scored 4 runs right after that!

Go Giants! Let's kick some dogger butt!


ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Hate to be picky, but actually there were three flyballs: two of them went out...

Still, Timmeh! Hits and HRs mostly BABIP, particularly Goldschmidt's ownage. Take away that one and we'll be praising his great first start.

But to your point, that's the flaw he had the past two years, just giving up that one hit that ruins his start.

Did not know that he had all those grounders, that plus all the strikeouts (and no walks) are usually a good formula for a good start.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Intentional walks often come back to bite teams in the ass. I wonder if we'll see fewer of them over the years as managers figure out that pitching to the scouting report and good defensive positioning may be better in the long run than a free base.

Ryu has not given up a run yet. Let's see if the Giants can spoil that this afternoon!

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Probably take another generation (20+ years) before they call change, that's been out in saber circles for a long time that IBB hurts, and Bochy has said in interviews over the years that he don't like to give free passes.

And yeah, looks like the Giants spoiled his afternoon! :^D