Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taxing Tim


For the third time in the last five games, the Giants went into extra innings; this time outlasting the doggers, 3-2 in 12 innings.  The game featured a boatload of walks, an incredible number of blown opportunities, some sloppy play and every known relief pitcher on both rosters.  In other words, it was exciting (since we won!).

 Start #3  ND  (0-1)   5 innings  5 hits  1 run  1 earned  0 walks  5 strikeouts  1 hr

A good, solid outing for a #4 starter. You would like to see more innings, of course, but anything more than 5 looks like gravy when Lincecum takes the ball.  Timmeh only gave up one tape measure shot and it didn't really feel like he was dishing up batting practice; so that's quite a bit better than his last start. It was easy to remember the good times when Tim got a couple big K's in the fourth with the bases loaded. So, no nightmares tonight, which is not something I can always claim after a Lincecum start.


Jean Machi only needed seven pitches to give up a double, get a sacrifice out, then cough up a walk.  If you went potty or grabbed a snack, you could have missed his entire performance.  That would have been a good thing.

Three hits and a stolen base for Hunter is always fun. Brandon #1 got three hits too.  Brandon #2 got a couple hits and scored the game winner.  All good signs. However, Pablo went o for five and didn't get the ball out of the infield.  That is not a good sign.  Our offense has looked weak lately and frankly, we needed a lot of help scoring tonight.

Big win.  We really didn't do anything very well, yet we beat a good team. I'll take it.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Dodgers still had Brian Wilson left. And their backup catcher. Giants were going to have to use MadBum as a PH if it went any later.

The game was indeed taxing. Lots of blown chances by the Giants. Josh Beckett? C'mon, his star lost its luster long before Tim's did.

Great hit by Belt to tie it in the 9th. Jansen was cranking 95+ on the outside corner and BB went the other way with it. Clutch!

A win is a win is a win is a win. Keep winning!

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yeah, I was surprised that Mattingly went with League instead of Wilson, that was a gift to us, I feel.

Moreover, if Wilson was not ready for a key situation like that, then why did they activate him? Either way, it saved us because they didn't have Paco there to shut down Belt or Crawford.

Yeah, I was waiting for Bumgarner to PH, he would have loved that! Cainer is another guy we could PH with too.

I would argue that the offense was there - how many bases loaded situations were there yesterday?!? - but the clutch hitting wasn't.

And we just got BABIPed negatively by Beckett, he hasn't been good in ages and he's really old now, not really going to improve much. But he will have his days, it appears.

Luckily, Timmy had one of his, and given his K/BB ratio and K/9, his starts will be more like this than the starts of the last two seasons, I think. He's slowly figuring it all out, now it's a matter of executing it over more innings.

But yeah, a win is a win, there will always be games like this where we pull it out when it looks like we shouldn't. But that's what a playoff contender does, win games like this.

Hopefully, this game will have a hangover effect on the Bridegrooms today, and the Giants can give them a good whipping and win the series today.

nomisnala said...

One big change early this season, is the walk reversal for this giants team. The pitchers are not dishing out a lot of walks. Despite Belt not walking, the offense is taking their share of walks, including Pablo with 8, and Hicks with 8. Pablo did hit a shot down the line in his last AB, but it was easily handled by the Dodgers stud first baseman. Did it have to be Uribe who got the hit vs. Timmy. You would think he would have an idea how to pitch to him. I do think Timmy got away with a few fat pitches against this tired Dodgers team. Hicks had looked terrible in the field, with minimal range, and then he comes up with a couple of really nice plays late in yesterdays game. Strange game this baseball.