Saturday, April 26, 2014

WHIPped Tim


A healthy little offensive outburst and a dominating bullpen performance were the stars on this windy afternoon as the good guys beat the Indians, 5-3, in front of consecutive sellout crowd #257.  Tim Lincecum was fooling no one and the Indians' starter looked strong but a Gregor Blanco pinch hit, as well as contributions from Pence, Pagan and Posey highlighted a thrilling comeback win.

 Start #5  ND  (1-1, 5.98)   4.2 innings  9 hits  3 runs  2 earned  2 walks  3 strikeouts  0 hr

Tim Lincecum faced 24 batters and used 98 pitches in his rather short stint. He only got 14 outs.  That meant he was putting runners on base at a crazy rate, clearly a recipe for disaster. I've always thought that WHIP was a super useful stat, easy to understand since it SO CLEARLY corresponds to crappy pitching. As Tim demonstrated tonight with an absolutely yucky job.


A spectacular job by the bull pen once again!  Gutierrez, Machi, Affledt and Romo completely slammed the door on the hapless Indians. No hits, a hit batter and one lousy walk in 4.1 innings. That is dominating!  I knew they would be good, but who knew they would be the best!

Wasn't it rather amazing how little they cared about Blanco stealing second in the fateful fifth inning? He represented the go ahead run and sure enough, Pence's single brought him home and gave us the lead. There were two outs, so it was a rather bold move. Way to go, Sharkie!

Buster got plugged the next time up after hitting his beautiful homer. Want to bet Vogelsong is going to get some payback tomorrow? Boys will be boys.


M.C. O'Connor said...

On the radio Flemm, right before the Posey HR, talked about FanGraphs and how Buster's ISO, LD%, BB%, and K% were all normal, only his BABIP was out of whack. In other words, Buster was going through a stretch of bad luck. Sure enough he whacked a long home run. I was pretty impressed--how many radio guys talk about FanGraphs and BABIP? Miller was cool and went along with it and helped out his sidekick. Good stuff.

Nice win today, that's 5 runs scored in each game AT HOME. Four runs allowed total is nice, too. Did you see where Brian Wilson gave up 4 runs in the 9th Friday night in LA to lose against the Phillies? Nice.

campanari said...

Brian Wilson came in tonight, Saturday, and walked the two batters he faced in the ninth; he had to be pulled without getting anyone out, and his ERA is 18.00. Too bad he left before his feat against the Phillies, MC O'C, could be repeated on consecutive nights.

I agree with you, JCP, about the great value of WHIP, and wish that a WHIP to K ratio replaced the W to K ratio so typically used in evaluating pitchers' peripherals.

Brother Bob said...

I had been getting despondent about the team but the last 2 games have restored my confidence. I love it when they find ways to win, especially in come-from-behind fashion. I'm attending the game in person Monday night, thanks to the generosity of my wonderful bro, JC (the J is for Jonathan). Wish me luck. I went to zero games in SF last year.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

The way it is going, Wilson looks like the second coming of Jason Schmidt signing by Bridegrooms.

The reason WHIP is not used much is because DIPS affects each pitchers H/9, in a function with K/9 too. At least that is my best guess. K/BB plus K/9 are great indicators of good pitchers I swear by them in fantasy drafts. Also, my bible for fantasy, Baseball Forecaster, had research showing hoe ERA goes down asthose go up. I would think that WHiP being a common term would be in there too if they had found any correlation.

Way too early to get despondent, plus did you forget the first week ? This is just normal ups and downs. Our pitching looks good for a good season and the offense too. I came into season expecting 90+ wins and I see no season to change yet. Plus, I still would not be surprised by 95-100 wins either.