Friday, June 13, 2014

Solid Tim

A disastrous FIVE RUN ninth inning cost the Giants dearly as they let one slip away to Colorado, 7-4.  Sergio Romo got dinked to death (5 earned runs!) and totally betrayed by horrible defense from Angel Pagan. It was easily the worst inning of the year.  Wow, it was really pleasant until then. Wow. Excuse me while I go vom.

Start #14  ND  (5-4, 4.81)   6 innings  3 hits  2 runs  2 earned  2 walks  6 strikeouts  0 hr

This was a completely solid Tim Lincecum start; he survived a shaky start, he allowed only 5 base runners in six innings, gave up no hard hit balls, and he got the last ten in order. I think I say this almost every time, but that is hella fine for a #4 starter. Sure, it would be nice if he could get into the seventh or eighth inning, but with our bullpen that USUALLY doesn't seem to matter often. 


Mike Morse had another multiple hit game. I sure did not expect him to show such hitting skills. Sure, I knew he hit homers but I had no concept of his all field approach.  We actually have a whole bunch of opposite field hitters (not counting Lincecum) and it is a real pleasure to watch.

Hasn't it been a week with out a dinger? You had to know it was coming. 

One other negative: Brandon Hicks.  We were lucky to get what we got from him but I think it is time for another plan. Is it time for a trade? Should we really go after Utley? If we don't, won't the doggers?

Today is the second anniversary of Matt Cain's perfecto. But, you already knew that...


DrBGiantsfan said...

Let the Dodgers pay Utley $25 M next year. The Giants need to trade for Daniel Murphy and no minor leaguer should be untouchable to get it done. Ben Zobrist is another possibility, and is more versatile than Murphy, but I like Murphy better for the 2B job.

DrBGiantsfan said...

Oh, and it was just one game, but Timmy's performance, especially his velocity is a very hopeful sign for the remainder of the season.

JC Parsons said...

Murphy is an interesting idea. Guess I better start researching the possibilities. Weird that the doggers are looking to fill the same hole. I really don't think the $ matters much any more, so we need to get someone that contributes NOW.

JC Parsons said...

I agree that Timmeh looked strong. I think he hit 94 mph early in the game. I'm not one that blames it all on reduced velocity, but it still seemed like a very good sign. Pity to waste it.
Looks like we may be headed for a cold spell. Hopefully that will mean .500 for a short time. Current home stand is 4-4, disappointing but tolerable.
Hate to bring this up, but is Buster really OK? His power drop off is getting noticeable, especially where he hits. We all like to say "wait til Buster gets hot" but I fear it isn't coming. Have they adjusted or is this just a year long meh phase?

DrBGiantsfan said...

I'm thinking Buster is probably not 100% physically. He also has a lot of moving parts in his swing, something that doesn't get mentioned much, if at all. When it's all working, it's a thing of beauty, but it can get out of whack and stay out of whack very easily.

DrBGiantsfan said...

$25 M is a lot of money even by today's standards. If Utley was the only guy available, then you'd have to think about it, but with Murphy and Zobrist also likely hitting the market, I think you go after one of those instead.

Brother Bob said...

What a crap ending to what had been a nice game. I love Pagan and Romo, they've been very solid all year. Yuck.

Zo said...

I had a bad feeling about that ninth inning. In Romo's defense, however, Tulo's was totally off balance, Morneau's was off balance. Give both those guys credit for not trying to do more with Romo's sliders than get their bats on it. Wheeler hit the ground ball, it just was right up the middle. Back to that bad feeling - when they show Romo warming up (or pitching for that matter) he never looks overpowering - because he isn't. He is a pretty small guy. I love the guy but you have to wonder how many times he can throw that sharp slider. The good news - they were talking about Casilla looking so good in San Jose that they may skip his next rehab stint and activate him.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Interview with the Freak.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

I heard in the radio that he hit 94 MPH, so that was encouraging to me too.

I think Buster is suffering from his bad back more than has been let on. That it came out at all, to me, is like the iceberg with the main mass hidden, players hid injuries until they had to acknowledge it in some way.

It must be something new, else Bochy would not have talked about Belt getting 150+ starts and Posey needing to either start at C or get a rest instead.