Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Madison Bumgarner was responsible for all of the RBIs tonight.  Unfortunately, he gave up twice as many as he produced.  Giants fans who choose to tune in to tomorrow's television broadcast stand a very good chance of being treated to the sight of the doggers celebrating their division-clinching victory.  And I bet Puig is a big asshole about it.

As a kicker, the Giants will probably travel to Pittsburgh for the wild card game, probably Madison Bumgarner's next start.

Why don't we start Madison in left field on days that he doesn't pitch?  His home run to at bat ratio is better than anyone else's on the Giants. 


Ron said...

Very bizarre to see MadBum channel his inner Jonathan Sanchez in that 1st inning. He could have just let Pig have his little rant & left it alone, but it escalated, & MadBum obviously was affected by it.

Meantime, what a horrendous comment about the feebleness of our hitting, when (even if it is MadBum), we leave a spent starting Pitcher in to hit for himself in the 8th inning, then let him come out to pitch in the bottom of the inning - I thought that that was a colossal mistake, even before Turner hit the HR.

Sandoval has to be the worst clean-up hitter in the history of the game. When you watch the other team's Catcher shift around as they set him up to flail at ridiculous pitches, it is so clear how predictable he has become. I am beyond cutting him any slack for being this lovable bad ball hitter - any Catcher & Pitcher with half a brain can outwit him, whenever they want to. He sucks. All of this hullabaloo about him losing weight amounts to nothing more than a Team PR job - he looks just as fat & immobile as ever. He makes decent plays on balls he gets to, but can't get to a lot of them. I don't even want them to offer him a 1-year contract, let alone the 4 or 5 year deal he thinks he is entitled to. Brandon Crawford, who, for some reason, a lot of people think is having a 'bad year' at the plate, has almost as many RBI's hitting mostly 8th, not cleanup. I don't care who he signs for, even if it's LA, although I think that Boston is a more likely destination. I'm sure they think that they need a new out-of-shape DH.

And, what the fuck is going on with Pence? He looks like a total blind man at the plate. With all of our other problems (Pagan, Morse, etc.), getting something out of him during the next few days is essential.

Sorry for the negative rant, but I could have delivered it, even after Monday's win. Our big hits have not come from our big hitters for quite some time now. Where would we be without Blanco??? Out of the playoffs, I imagine. Susac, Panik, & a couple of others are contributing. Posey gets a few hits, but they have come in low pressure situations lately (important table setting hits, but not the big bombs).

We're hurting, & tonight looks like a total mis-match. Probably means we'll coast to victory. Let's celebrate making the post-season on their field, instead of them celebrating the division title in front of us!

Go Giants!!!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I was shocked Boch left MadBum in to hit and then pitch the 8th. It was a stunt, not a tactic. That's not usually Boch's style. I guess he figured he wanted to "back up his guy" or something. That was such a clear pinch-hitting situation, and there was absolutely nothing more MadBum could do but run out of gas, which he did. Too bad--the race came down to one bad inning.

I think it might be pretty damn entertaining to watch Puig and Bumgarner go all MMA on each other, but I'd rather them just play baseball. Puig is excitable and immature, but so what? Let him froth at the mouth. Ballplayers never do better when they are all hyped up.

Dodgers played better down the stretch. That's that. Giants have to focus on finding that winning formula again.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Apparently the Giants are now pissed at Andrew Baggarly. Seems he reported on a shouting match between Romo and Dunston (which the LA Times also reported on) and now they intend to "boycott" him. I'm no fan of sports-writers, but Baggs is one of the best. Giants fans are lucky in that respect. Giants players seem a little childish here but I suppose there is more to the story.

Hey, it's a pennant race, tensions are high and nerves are frayed. Giants need to focus on winning ballgames.

Ron said...

The Baggarly thing just indicates how much the wheels seem to be coming off right now. Widespread meltdowns, even in the most dire of times, have not been a facet of recent Giants' history. It's disturbing to see that happening.

On the other hand, I abhor this latest Sports Team/Media arrangement of Team Insiders - just what the fuck does that mean, anyway? That anyone else's reporting is discredited, because they are not insiders? That insiders are just team lackies who have no journalistic integrity? Both? It is stupid - it sucks.

I agree with you terminology, Mark: MadBum's 8th inning plate appearance was a stunt. His 8th inning pitching appearance was plain stupid. He had thrown a lot of pitches, & we need him to be strong & fresh for Sunday or Monday. I, frankly, had already been surprised that he pitched the 7th inning. Our bullpen is strong & relatively fresh.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Baggs works for CSN-BA and the Giants own 30% of them. Talk about a weird employee/employer thing!

M.C. O'Connor said...

So, I asked it before, I'll ask it again: should the Giants re-sign Sandoval?

He's not the .900 OPS hitter we've seen in the past, but his fielding has been exceptional this season. He is a frustrating player, that's for sure. I think they will make him a QO. The marketing department will want to keep him, of course.

So, if he is a FA then who plays third? Buster Posey? What's the backup plan?

Zo said...

Pablo is shaving $$$ off of his contract with every at bat. His one pitch out-of-the-strike zone weak contact into an out are almost predictable (as in: almost always). Surprisingly, he has done better than Pence. Pence is lost at the plate right now, Pablo can eke out a hit a game or two. Really though, right now those guys should be 7 and 8 hole hitters. The key question is the one you asked, who else? The FA market does not look good and the team cannot afford another position filled solely for defense.

Russian River said...

I was resisting the temptation, but cannot any longer.

How the West Was Won (1962)
Starring: Lee J. Cobb, Henry Fonda, Carolyn Jones, Karl Malden, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart, Eli Wallach, John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Walter Brennan, Andy Devine, Agnes Moorehead, Harry Morgan, Spencer Tracy and many others. A powerful line up.

Flash forward to 2014 and the Sequel -

How the West Was Lost - 2014
Starring the San Francisco Giants anemic offense. UGH!

Do they have just a bit of magic left in them that might carry them into the playoffs by playing halfway decent in their last home stand?

To be continued! Go Giants - Duck the Fodgers!

Ron said...

Pablo Sandoval is a very, very bad hitter operating from a critical spot in the lineup. I'd rather see a whole variety of people, including Chase Headley (not that I think that he is so great) - I'm just fed up with the level of total SHIT that Sandoval brings to the table. Chris Dominguez is a 3B part of the time. Anyone but Sandoval would be fine with me. When is Kyle Seager a Free Agent?

M.C. O'Connor said...

My fear with Sandoval is the declining offensive numbers. He's still above average as a hitter, and better than a lot of 3B, but I don't like the downward trend. He may not be as good as he once was, but "very, very bad" is a bit hyperbolic. And I disagree about the fielding--he has played very well at third this season and showed quickness and range. Whether he can stay fit enough to keep that going, I agree, is a serious concern.

If the Giants don't sign him you can bet some team will take a chance on him. ML 3B aren't just scattered about for the picking. I'm not sure the Giants have a viable minor-league option. Chris Dominguez looks like Mike Morse in LF, what will he do at 3B? Matt Duffy might be worth a look. Have they played Duvall at third this year? I don't think so. Sure, you might be able to plug Chase Headley in there, but that's NOT an improvement.

No, I'm not of the "anybody will do" school. If they let Pablo walk they will have to have a plan. I wonder if anyone has considered Posey there.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Oh, and Kyle Seager is a FA in 2018.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll just have to hope that the Mariners suck next year & want to dump salaries in July.

JC Parsons said...

Nice job with the comments. I can only hope our boys bring as much spirit.
My burning question is still about which Tim gets the nod for postseason glory. It sure looks good for Strickland now and that just makes it trickier. I hope BOTH Tims go fabulous tonight and the decision becomes impossible.
Game time! We are going to win.

Brother Bob said...

If the Giants re-sign Pablo(and I don't care if he leaves) they should put a clause in his contract that he cease all the bullshit before each AB and just get in the fucking box.

Zo said...

Although I am part of it, I am disgusted to be talking about next year's lineup at this time.