Friday, September 12, 2014

That's One

And a most gratifying one it was.  Madison Bumgarner on the mound, a full house, a beautiful night for baseball and that team from LA, the one we have to beat, down from the start.

Madison:  7 IP, 73 strikes among 97 pitches.  3 hits, 2 walks, 9 strikeouts.  No runs.  None.
Juan Gutierrez in relief:  6 batters faced, 6 batters retired.  Madison was a little rough at first, he walked the lead-off Puig, but soon settled down for another great game and his 18th win.

Hits?  Early and often.  2 home runs, 1 each for Brandon Crawford and Travis Ishikawa.
Joe Panik:  1 hit, 1 run
Buster:  2 hits, 1 run and 1 rbi
Pence:  2 hits, 1 run and 1 rbi
Arias:  2 hits, 1 run and 1 rbi
Gregor:  1 hit, 2 runs
Travis Ishikawa's home run scored Gregor and BCraw.  Brandon's home run scored Gregor, but he came up with the first of his 3 rbi in the first, a double that scored Joaquin Arias.  Brandon scored twice on 2 hits and a walk.  The Giants batted around in the first and scored 4 runs.


Brother Bob said...

I'm delighted to see that the Giants now have a better record than the A's.
Time for Huddy to step up and join the parade of dominant starts. It's hard to imagine anyone wants to leave the beloved veteran out of the rotation. If he has even a small improvement I bet that Petit will draw the short straw, no matter how well he does. (Well barring consecutive no-hitters or something.)

Zo said...

According to the Chronic, Madison Bumgarner broke a record for strikeouts in a single season last night by recording his 207th (and 208th). That record belonged to Ray Sadecki. Ray Sadecki came up as a Cardinal in 1960 and pitched (and won) against the Yankees in the 1964 World Series. He was traded to the Giants during the 1966 season for Orlando Cepeda. In 1968, the year of his 206 strikeouts, he had a 2.91 era but managed to lose 18 games (12 - 18).

Ron said...

Most of you have probably never seen my Teacher Profile here:

My Students, of course, are used to me interweaving Giants' commentary into my Classes. Today, I took the opportunity to expand upon the Yogi-ness of MadBum a little further. I told them that I thought that, due to his other nickname, I was now convinced that he is not only a Yogi, but a Bikram Yogi - common occurrence in our Classes. Some students got out of Class & were busily looking up Snotrocket on their Twitters & such!

Proud of him & the whole Team! Go get 'em again tonight &, then, tomorrow!

M.C. O'Connor said...

That was a perfect win. Let's hope they keep that mo' and keep winning!

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Great title, great wrap-up.

Gotta mention that Ishi got his first splash homer, and hopefully that shows all the people getting down on him lately that he has something to contribute off the bench.

Congrats to Madison for his accomplishment, he's 31 K's away from tying for franchise lead, with 3 starts left (Pavlovic is good at sharing such feats). If he didn't have 0 strikeouts in his last start, he would have an excellent chance to tie or beat. Still, 3 classic starts from him and he should be very close.

But like in this game, though he could have gone longer, Bochy is saving some bullets for later, which is the best policy.

And yes, keep the mo go, hopefully Huddy is up to the task, he has not been that great since the ASB, at least not as good as he was early on. Need him to step up big time here!

Another item from this start is that Ryu's shoulder is barking like it did earlier when he went on DL, so they probably lost him for at least 1-2 starts, meaning Correia mabye starting in his place. He has a 6 ERA with them, 5 overall. Hernandez and Maholm are options too, I think, both ERAs near 5. People praised LA's depth and vented about the Giants lack of dapth, but looks whose the team that is suffering.

JC Parsons said...

So much about this season is a testament to the virtues of patience. And I guess that is why Bochy is such a truly great manager. He has the biggest group of STREAKY HITTERS that I have ever seen and somehow they are all coming together at the right time. When Hunter Pence is your most consistent hitter, that is kinda scary. Finally Blanco (who is always ok due to his glove actually) and Arias (who has had a nightmare season until recently) are giving us the depth I thought would be a big team strength.
Thank Willie for such a long season!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Well, that was ugly. Hudson's worst start ever, and at the worst possible time.