Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Here's a stocking stuffer guaranteed to please:

We'll be watching the games over the next several days. Should be fun. Comcast is showing The Parade this morning at ten o'clock. Sounds like a great way to spend Christmas.

Have a wonderful holiday!




Ron said...

Happy Holidays to everyone!

It seems like a lot of people think that we want Ben Zobrist (I think that I heard this back in July, too). He's very versatile, a switch-hitter, & seems to be solid. I was interested back then & am again. This would give us some insurance for things like Pagan's health, Panik's potential sophomore adjustments, McGehee's occasional slumps against RHP - things like that.

Could Zobrist be the final piece? I think so - Scherzer's price is ridiculous &, considering his age, so is Shields'. I wish that we had spent on pitching, but I don't think that the logical moves remain possible.

Ron said...

'After months of the same questions about his well-tested left arm, Bumgarner made light of it all.

He had just thrown 270 innings, including 21 with two wins and a save in a World Series that went the distance against the fellow wild-card Royals.

"I got a splinter in my finger the other day. That was kind of painful,'' Bumgarner quipped, sounding perfectly serious. "Fortunately, it was on my right hand.'' '

M.C. O'Connor said...

Zobrist would be a good pickup but I have the feeling they are going to look for an outfielder since they got McGehee. And I think they are "dumpster diving" at this point as a trade for Zobrist would require a lot of pieces. At least it would if I were running the Rays. Anyway it is fun to speculate on and as you point out the cost for either Scherzer or Shields would be enormous.

Happy New Year!

Ron said...

Excerpts from today's MLBTradeRumors Zobrist post:

"Given the fact that Zobrist’s defense ranges from adequate to exceptional at second base, shortstop and the outfield corners, he could help virtually any team in the game ... The reigning World Champs could deploy Zobrist in left field and use him as insurance if Joe Panik can’t repeat last year’s production [& McGehee at times ... my words] ... In terms of what Zobrist should fetch in a trade, it seems reasonable to expect either a Major League ready player and perhaps a prospect in addition, or a package of three to four prospects headlined by at least one particularly well-regarded name. "

Too steep a price?

Ron said...

Also, Crawford at times.

Think about it: since Zobrist is a switch-hitter, he could spell Crawford or Panik against tough lefties & McGehee against the tougher righties. Throw in some games in LF to help out Blanco & Perez, especially if Pagan needs rest or occasional rehabilitation.

This is a great fit. There are a handful of people I would consider dealing to make this happen.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Wow. That's too expensive in my mind. If they were chasing Cole Hamels, maybe. But a position player, even an excellent one, who'll be 34 next season? "No way" would be my vote. Why give up the very prospects you hope will fill in the gaps for a guy to fill in the gaps for one season (he's a FA in 2016)?

And BCraw can hit lefties.

Ron said...

A 'Major League-ready player' could mean someone like Joaquin Arias, Hanchez, or Kontos. It doesn't say a Major League-ready starting player or star. I would give up Arias & some half-baked minor league Pitcher for Zobrist any day.

And, Crawford needs a rest or relief from a particularly tough match-up here-and-there ... everyone does.

Zobrist seems to me like a plus version of Arias, a guy who also plays OF & switch-hits. I like Arias - he has done some timely & important things for us. But, Zobrist seems better. Arias is already 30 years old, too.

Now that I am so attached to this move, it probably won't happen, but it's the off-season ... you gotta have some crazy ideas.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It could also mean Susac, who is not to be dealt if I'm the GM. I don't think Arias is going to swing a trade, either. I mean, why trade for a part-time utility player? Every organization has guys who can take that role. And why would Tampa Bay want a "half-baked minor-leaguer" anyway? They would want some value, I imagine, in return for giving up a good player. Plus, I'd rather keep Kontos and Hanchez. I don't think the gain from Zobrist is worth the cost of those pieces.

What's wrong with the 40-man roster as it is? I'm ready to start the season with the guys they've got.

JC Parsons said...

Zobrist would be a great pickup. His versatility is especially useful to the Giants with our injury prone types (Pagan), our too soon to be sure types (Panik) and our not really a full time starter types (Blanco , McGehee?) . If he's a country boy, then its a match made in heaven.

So how much? I don't really think we have a no touch prospect. Even Arroyo. Susac, Duffy and Strickland all have value and can easily be parted with. Crick would be hard to lose but I would do that also. The real problem is matching what the Nationals offer. They distinctly need a 2B and he is an even better fit for them.

I totally don't understand keeping Susac at all costs. If Buster is still catching, which he is, then either Sanchez or Susac must go. MOC needs to look at Zobrist WAR numbers for the last several years. If we can get him with anything we have, it would be big plus. Even for a limited time

M.C. O'Connor said...

Buster Posey is the most important position player in the organization. Thus Susac and Hanchez have enormous value as his backups. Untouchable, I hope.

I like Zobrist. I've seen his WAR numbers. He's a great fit for any club. But I'm not the GM that would pull that trigger. I want Kontos and Strickland and Duffy and the rest. I think they will deliver the value in the key spots. I'm happy, like I've said, with the 40-man as it stands.

JC Parsons said...

Happy New Year, everybody!! Is this the year that odd numbers break through??

Back to MOC : Your latest point is not any more clear. Of course, Buster is our franchise guy, but that means he MUST PLAY as much as possible , therefore his backup should get the least time possible. Granted a catcher needs more rest, and Buster will play some at 1B, so there is a slightly bigger need for a quality reserve. But still...the fact is that if Susac and/or Hanchez are anything other than replacement type backups, they will be WASTED on our bench. Their value is SO MUCH higher as some of our only trading chips. Like wise, Christian Arroyo might also be considered "blocked" by Brandon Crawford, but otherwise we have no other prospects that give us that opportunity. The only reason I bring this up is that you often say we have little or nothing to trade with (and, yes, Arias is worth zero on the open market) but I strongly disagree. If Susac and Hanchez are "untouchable" then I really don't understand how the off season game is played.

That being said, I am also OK with the current roster. I sincerely hope that we make another move or two ( mostly for conversation sake ) but the young studs we have could be better answers anyway. What if Juan Perez brings his gold glove AND figures out how to get on regularly? What if Petit continues to consistently get outs and puts himself in the record books somehow AGAIN? What if Joe Panik nevers gives up his lock on 2b and batting second until one of Buster's twins is ready to take over in 2034? We have much to be excited about.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I just remember when Buster was out in 2011 all we did was complain about his poor quality replacements. So, I'm for quality backups. I'd rather have that depth than not. I get that they are trading chips, but I don't want to trade them for Ben Zobrist. I'd rather have lots of late-inning breaks for Posey.

Zo said...

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M.C. O'Connor said...

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