Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Home Fog Advantage Tim

The only thing better than completely shutting down the first place doggers, is turning around and doing it again.  Tonight's version,  a 4-0 result, featured a fantastically effective Tim Lincecum, the usual tough bullpen, more than enough offense and a lovely foggy evening. The slightly wet home crowd even got treated to a massive Buster Posey homer when a close game erupted in the bottom of the seventh.  Life is good. Unless you are a dogger.

There was nothing foggy about our beloved Freak this night. Tim Lincecum came out throwing strikes and kept it up for seven strong innings, giving up three hits, NO RUNS, 2 walks and 4 strike outs (game score 73).  The highly regarded L.A. offense was totally muzzled once again.  Tim looked super tough, especially against Gonzalez.  On a wet and foggy night, Tim seemed very comfortable.

Key Moment: Grandal crushed a double (one of the only hard hit balls off Tim) and then went to third on a wild pitch. It seemed that Lincecum lost his focus and I feared the worst, but he got Ethier to groundout, Uribe to pop up - then he walked the pitcher, of course, because he wants us all to have strokes - and got the impressive Pederson to groundout.  That was really one of their only chances, as they finished 0-4 RISP.

Great game for Brandon Crawford AGAIN.  He looks ready to put together a great season at the plate.  Another RBI (#26) and three hits.  Isn't he the best SS around now? Or am I biased?

Round 3 : MadBum vs. Kershaw tomorrow.  SWEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!


Zo said...

Yes. Yes he is the best SS around.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yes, you are biased.

And yes, he is the best SS round.

He has actually been good deep into June before apparently injury or tiredness gets to him, and his batting line takes a big hit. Hopefully with Duffman around, he can get more rest and keep it going all season long.

Shankbone said...

Crawford is busting out! Avoiding those long slumps might just be the key. Fun dude to watch.

This Kershaw-Bumgarner game... Is the kind of game you lift your kid from school for. Hmmm...

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Others are catching on!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I was really impressed by the way Tim used his fastball up in the zone. Man, great start! And you are right that sequence after the double from Grandal was great. Tim kept his cool and delivered the goods.

It's about time people notice how good BCraw is! I suspect if his RBI total was more modest no one would have noticed, but we Giants fans certainly know what we've got.

Ron said...

There should be nothing surprising about Crawford's RBI's. Last year, he had 69 (4th on the Team), which was 2nd to Buster in RBI/AB. Plus, a Slam in the Wild Card game.

Ron said...

More Crawford Clutchness Stats:

In a season during which he hit .246 overall, he:

- Still had a .324 OBP, thanks to 59 BB's

- Hit .294 w/ Runners On

- Hit .310 w/ RISP

- Hit .350 w/ RISP, 2 Outs

- Had 9 Post-Season RBI's to lead the Team; Pence & Panik had 8.

Ron said...

Sorry to pile these stats on, but I enjoy them:

- Had 40 Regular Season XBH's, including 10 3B's & 10 HR's

- Added 3 XBH's & 7 BB's in the Post-Season

nomisnala said...

The sweep could not have gone better. Goose eggs have a new meaning.