Sunday, May 31, 2015

WHIPped Tim

Sorry for the tardy post, but I figured everyone would understand since last night was clearly one of the worst losses of 2015. Some games are best quickly forgotten. If you wanted to read about this 8-0 shellacking by the Braves, which ended our nice winning streak and knocked us out of first place, then I seriously worry about your masochistic tendencies.  As some frozen chick once said, "Let It Go."

Of course, I can never let go of my worry over Tim Lincecum. I think it is fair to say that his strong start (which had many of us hoping for an All-Star selection) has morphed in to tough times. Tim had gone for 23 scoreless innings at home but last night he surrendered four runs and eight hits in a feeble 4 1/3 innings. (It seemed as they started with a runner on each inning! Is that legal?) One thing about the "New" Tim is that he sure has to work hard. Lots of base runners, working out of the stretch, and high pressure situations. In the old days, the stat that "captured" Tim, if you will, was K/9. That has been replaced by WHIP. To Lincecum's credit, he does damn well even when putting a ton of guys on. After all, he can still get a few strikeouts and he doesn't give up too many dingers. So do I think this start means that Lincecum's year is headed for the tank? No,no,no!  The Freak will bounce back again and have another nifty run real soon. 

And then he will have a terrible stretch.  Get used to it. The "New" Tim is consistently inconsistent. 


Zo said...

He did not get much help from the offense. It seemed like a case of the classic "oh, here's a new guy, it must by Cy Young." I thought we had gotten over that, but it was probably just a night off. And Perez did have good stuff.

M.C. O'Connor said...

He had good "stuff" it just seemed like he got predictable. He struck out Freeman early with splitters down and then the high fastball. Later he seemed to give up on that and kept throwing the same thing over and over again and you could see the Braves hitters adjusting. He still got a lot of swinging strikes and called strikes, and as you say he is not giving up the long ball. Susac will get better at calling his games and mixing it up more. Posey has a better handle on that stuff, naturally, with his experience. You have to give the Braves credit, they hit some good pitches and then when Timmy was in the stretch ran all over him.