Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Hear It for the Kid!

Kelby Tomlinson.  Kelby Tomlinson.  Kelby Tomlinson.  Following a most auspicious debut the other night with a 12th inning, first major league at bat pinch hit single, Kelby got a start at second tonight.  He batted 8th and promptly drove in Adrianza and Belt.  In his second at bat, he again singled and drove in Adriaza again for his 3rd rbi.  Should he have gotten a hit in his next at bat, he would have tied a SF record for a rookie held by Willie McCovey.  And that is pretty good company.

Kelby wears glasses.  What if they found that his glasses were modified Google glasses outfitted with a sophisticated camera and data processing app and a transmitter that sends an brain wave impulse to swing at the optimal time?  Would that be cheating?

Madison Bumgarner was on the mound, looking much more like an ace.  He threw into the 8th inning and did not give up a run until the bottom of the 7th, and by then the Giants were up 6 - 0 thanks to rbi's from Matt Duffy and Hunter Pence in the top of that frame.  Madison threw 116 pitches, 81 strikes, gave up 7 hits, walked no one and struck out 9.  6 - 1 was the final.  The offense deserves credit here, for putting up 8 runs yesterday and 6 today and giving the pitchers a chance to pitch not fearing for the game with every pitch.   Duffy was 4 for 5; Blanco, 2 for 3 with 2 walks; Adrianza, 2 for 4; and Buster, 1 for 2 with 2 walks.

Most importantly, the Giants had to only use 2 relievers, Strickland and Casilla and they threw 18 and 7 pitches, respectively and looked pretty good (although Hunter walked 1).   That's huge, along with Jake Peavy's 6 innings, yesterday (followed by 4 relievers), the relief staff is able to catch a breather.   Which is good because they have 4 in Chicago starting tomorrow.  Mike Krukow yesterday was commenting on Peavy (who looked really good).  They noted that, when he went on the DL, he could only give a couple of  innings because he had to pitch with his arm.   Once his back healed up, he could use his whole body, and is able to go much deeper into a game.   I'm glad to see Kelby turn out to be a young stud.  Giants must be doing something right in the minor leagues.


carmot said...

I love that some of our prospects have really contributed in recent years. Kelby is off to a great start, hopefully it is "just" the start of a long and fulfilling big league career. I wonder how much of this is "organization-based." I know catcher Matt Paré speaks very highly of the SF Giants minor league "Peak Performance Coordinator," Derin McMains (D-Mac)- a former Giants draftee himself. I don't think he gets ANY press or recognition, but might hold a key role in making these guys ready for their opportunities?

Every single organizational prospect who contributes to our big club helps in a multitude of ways. The morale through our farm system- that guys will get their shot. Cost-control salaries offer payroll flexibility for other needs (in free agency spending). Adding vital depth that every team needs to contend. And, those PRIME years, just about impossible to attain on the open market. Gotta develop from within for the biggest yields. Which adds more stability to our roster. All good things, IMO.

I am PSYCHED to see Kelby Tomlinson doing so well, so early. Adrianza and Duffy as other key contributors today. Guys like Heston and Strickland. I figure somehow we'll see Osich and/or Broadway back up soon. Maybe an outfielder- if Pagan eventually goes on the DL? We all know about Posey, Bum, Panik, and others (Cain, Lincecum, Romo, etc...). So awesome! Dream big. Dream GIANT!

Brother Bob said...

I just read that KT dedicated his first hit to that batboy who got killed. So he's already got some class, too.

JC Parsons said...

Thanks for the info carmot. I always like to try to figure out who the key organizational people are that are consistently making these impressive decisions. I remember when no one knew what an impact John Barr was having. And you make a great point about the ripple effect that success has through the whole system. I hope another benefit will be more trade opportunities as other franchises realize that our talent pool and development programs are excelling. So far we have largely directly benefitted but soon some prospects may get blocked (Arroyo maybe?) and then we can use them for the occasional pickup of a veteran (say a closer, like now!). Anyway, having young studs come up and give us a burst of energy like yesterday was awesome. Adrianza and Tomlinson were a force of nature and the Duffman continues to amaze. I should be crying about the loss of Panik (although latest news sounds OK, 2-3 more weeks off though) but the FNG's haven't even given me that chance!

JC Parsons said...

So now is a stretch of 26 games against teams over .500. Yikes! Put up or shut up time.

Also, interesting that Atlanta is getting a new stadium. Why? That is like us replacing AT&T in two years. Can you imagine that? In fact, I can't see us EVER replacing our current home...

JC Parsons said...

That is EIGHT straight series against good teams. Oh my.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Tomlinson played with Panik, Duffy, Susac, Adrianza, Strickland, Osich, etc. in the minors. That has to help, seeing his peers make it to the show and perform, like you say, the ripple effect. It was fun to watch him get those hits and to flash some leather, too. And MadBum was sharp. Lots of strikeouts last two nights. Tonight is Game 108, the 2/3 mark of the season.

Zo said...

Jon, it's called white flight.

carmot said...

No worries, J.C. We all know there are always people behind "the people." I tend to enjoy paying attention to the undersung guys. For instance, reading Taira Uematsu's blog (he's one of our bullpen catchers, #99) or Matt Paré's blog (a catching prospect). Some really insightful stuff out there on the interwebz.

And yes. We have a lot of pitchers that could project to great #3/#4 types, who *might* be trade chips soon enough. Tons of effective relief arms in waiting as well. I doubt they'll trade Arroyo, but we'll see. If the return is ripe enough, I figure just about anybody is fair game. Find a way to get us George Springer. lol.

Love to see our homegrown guys succeed (for us!). Cheers.

nomisnala said...

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