Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cubs Eliminate Cards, also Kershaw Finally Wins Game That Matters

Good riddance to St. Louis. They're boring. Old news. Go Cubbies!
Let's play the predictions game, since we're down to elimination time.
I say KC and Toronto win, then KC.
The Cubs will beat the Mets.
KC will win it all.


Ron said...

The nightmare scenario, which began when Utley was not called out for Interference after his criminal slide, a call which should have preserved a Mets' victory, is playing out exactly as I had feared:

- The Mets win an emotional game in New York on Monday, a game which should have capped a 3-0 sweep.

- Kershaw holds it together for a big LA win on Tuesday.

- They have to go to LA to face Greinke again. Even with DeGrom or Syndergaard going, that is a really tall order.

People who I am really sick of: Kike Hernandez (been sick of him since late Season Giants' - Dodgers' games, even sicker of him now that he gets a hit every time I see him), A. J. Ellis (been sick of him since his career started & more so, now that he is apparently the censor for chatter between the Batter & the Umpire; apparently, Catchers named 'A. J.' are all pompous idiots), Greinke, Joc Pederson (what a cush life he now leads - gets to sit around & smile for 8 innings, then play in the Field; I'm glad that Kris Bryant will be a legitimate Rookie-of-the-Year, because if Pederson had beaten out Duffy, it would have been unbearable), Don Mattingly (the crappiest Manager this side of Matt Williams - he sucks, but has good personnel, so, even though he makes stupid moves, he still gets away with it a lot), the other 21 Dodger players I haven't specifically mentioned.

Ron said...

Oh ... & 'Go Mets'!!!!!

Ron said...

Well, Texas & Toronto just played the weirdest &, perhaps, longest inning (the 7th) in the history of baseball. Bottom line ... Toronto is 6 outs away from wrapping up this ALDS. Go Jays!!!!!

Ron said...

Blue Jays win!!!!!

Zo said...

My dream of a Passerine Series is, again, shattered.

Ron said...

Yes, the Passerine Series would have been nice. Well, now, I guess that I'm rooting for the Mets against the Royals, although I'm OK w/ the Blue Jays getting there, too.

Tonight, it's a big 'Go Mets'!!!!!

nomisnala said...

Back to that Utley play. It still looked as if Tejada touched second.

Zo said...

I have never been so happy to see a Mets victory.

I don't know about using Syndergaard, though. Don't they want him to start against the Cubs? The Mets have at least 3 good pitchers, though, not counting Matz. Can the Cubs match that?

nomisnala said...

Go Mets, they still have the orange in their uniforms from the giants.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ron, relax man. Don't hate so many people, it's bad for your blood pressure. I like AJ Ellis, actually. It's hard not to like veteran catchers who can still play the game.

Just got out of the Nevada wilderness and after a looooooong hot shower and a steak dinner in Winnemucca got to see the Mets close it out. Not bad.

It will be fun to watch the rest of the post-season and not give a shit about the results.

The Giants need another starter. (Broken record.)

Zo said...

Good point, nomisnala. Plus, Jacob De Grom is 2015's Tim Lincecum (2010).

Ron said...

For today, anyway, it's fun to watch the Dodgers unravel:

- Went to sleep on the Duda BB, Murphy 'steal' of 3rd.

- Got shut down in spectacular fashion by Syndergaard & Familia, after DeGrom gutted it out.

- Had an argument in the dugout, which may have been Mattingly & Ethier, although Mattingly claims otherwise.

- Heyman thinks Greinke will opt out (although he could still just re-negotiate a deal with LA). More likely ... meet Zach Greinke, Cub, Angel, or Ranger.

And, Mark, I can dislike A. J. Ellis, if I so choose. He can't hit, unless the Pitcher is a Giant, so I can't stand him for that. And, as far as game management, Mattingly is a poor Manager. He may not be back in LA.

Aside from the Cubs, who I am lukewarm about, I am enthusiastic about the upcoming LCS's. Should be some exciting baseball!

Brother Bob said...

Ron, all dislikes are okay when they involve Dodgers. Let the contempt flow.
I've been a little uncomfortable with all the nostalgia r/t the '88 WS. Hershiser was one ex-Dodger who earned my respect once he became a Giant, but... you know, I fuckin' hate the Dodgers.
Thank you Mets.

Ron said...

The inevitable: Wotus to be interviewed by Nationals.

Zo said...

I hope LA doesn't fire Mattingly. I would prefer to see them with a manager of his competence. All in all, though, probably the biggest part of his job is to try to manage $300 million worth of ego, and that can't be easy.

Zo said...

I just watched Murphy's "steal" of third base again. Was that the third baseman Turner standing on second in the shift? Murphy actually started running about 2 steps before he got to second base, Turner looked at him, and did .....absolutely nothing. He could have (should have) immediately taken off after him, the pitcher could have flipped a throw to him on the run and they might have been able to tag him out. Instead, Turner just noted him running to third, then grabbed his crotch.