Saturday, October 3, 2015

One-run Win

The Giants are 19-28 in one-run contests this season. It seems out of character for a Bochy club. I've despatched my minions to do the research, if they fail to report back they'll be fired and get rotten recommendations. Anyway, the Giants clubbed their way to a win today with homers from Brandon Crawford and Marlon Byrd. Not to mention the fabulous inside-the-parker from Young Kelby. Tomlinson was asked to fill big shoes this year and he's done remarkably well. It's nice to have young, studly infielders. But this games-decided-by-one-run thing is troublesome. I know there's some flukiness involved, but does it tell us the 'pen was not up to snuff? Or that the starters didn't keep it close enough? Minions--get right on that or you're working Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving!

Jake Peavy finished his season well. He said the right things after the game. He believes he can be healthy for 2016, and we all know that would be a big help. Another big help would be Matt Cain doing the same; he gets the start tomorrow.

With their 84th win the Giants are guaranteed to finish with a better record than the Diamondbacks, Padres, Rockies, Brewers, Reds, Nationals, Marlins, Braves, Phillies, Orioles, Red Sox, Rays, Indians, White Sox, Tigers, Mariners, and Athletics. And possibly even the Twins. That's a whole bunch of teams. They finish September 14-13 for their third winning month joining May and July. They are 1-2 for October, a win tomorrow would even things up. I'd like to see them end it on an up note.




M.C. O'Connor said...

Kelby in CF?

JC Parsons said...

Hey guys. It feels like it has been a very long time since I last chimed in. My world got a little crazy and ragged there for a while, much like our beloved Giants. Once it became clear that the season would not end well, I admit that it was much easier to check in ( I always read everything you folks write!) but not contribute. Sorry for the laziness. But I'm here now, so.... how about some random thoughts:

I concur with the common notion around here that ALL members of Championship squads are basically revered. Yes, that certainly includes Aaron Rowland. I would proudly shake all their hands, in fact that would be a good thing to put on a bucket list! Tim Hudson may not be a personal favorite, but I sure give him some credit for feeding into that "good ol' boy/ yee haw" mojo that we had flowing during the last championship. MadBum seemed to thrive around that crap and, well, that worked out well for us.

It occurs to me that of all the Giants to truly hate, and I guess there may have been a few (although as I get older it sure happens WAY less often), Darrell Evans was a really tough call. Yes, of course, I will always remember fondly how our "hate" brought us all together. But, now looking back on it, as MOC points out. He was pretty good, wasn't he? It feels a bit like getting all pissed at Brandon Belt, which some people are, I guess. If memory serves, it was the love of Ron's passion more than the shared hatred of a veteran infielder whose value was hard to assess with the stats of the day. But that was a long time ago...

Speaking of which... Belt should definitely be given a shot at LF. Smooth segue, huh? I think I have made myself clear that I want Buster at FIRST BASE as soon as possible. However, Belt is clearly one of our better hitters and may still have some upside. Barring a big acquisition, we can't afford to lose his bat, so Brandon needs a new home and there is only one option.

Related to this... I like what Aoki brings to our team, but his full value is only on display when the other pieces (Panik and Pence specifically) are in play. A platoon with Byrd is interesting. Or an Aoki start with a late Byrd PH, followed by a Perez type defensive guy going in to finish the game. Very Bochy ball.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Chili Davis.

M.C. O'Connor said...

And nice to hear from you, amigo!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Don't know quite what to make of these international FAs but seems like good news for Los Gigantes.

Maybe one of our savvy readers can give some insight on these prospects.