Thursday, April 6, 2017

Not Pretty, part two

9-3 loss in AZ
Once again the Giants fell apart after a promising beginning--the Diamondbacks scored four runs in the bottom of the 6th and took control of the game and the series. Starter Jeff Samardzija looked strong over the first five frames with nine strikeouts but after an interminable top of the 6th a different man came out of the dugout. A walk, single, and homer greeted the big righty and the Giants lost their 3-2 lead and were effectively done. Hunter Strickland came on and gave up one of The Shark's runs to make it 6-3 Arizona but followed it with a clean 7th. Ty Blach had two outs and no one on in the 8th and then walked two and gave up two hits and that made it 9-3. The D-Backs didn't need their closer in this one. The lineup, sadly, had only four hits, but one was a homer by Aaron Hill and Buster had two doubles, so there's some silver lining in the dark cloud.

Giants pitchers gave up 27 runs in the four games. At least they leave that horrid place and go to a ballpark in San Diego that plays more like San Francisco. Matt Cain goes tomorrow for the Padres home opener, note it is at a goofy time, 3:40 p.m.




Zo said...

27 effin' runs. They have a lot more games to play in "this horrid place," not to mention Coors-horrider Field. They either need to figure out a way to prevent runs, or score a shitload more.

Ron said...

At the risk of precipitating a lecture about how the Giants have 'moved on', that argument would only hold water if they had actually moved somewhere (other than in reverse). Our outfield is not performing, & our outfield options at the next level consist of a bunch of broken down very old or semi-old or young guys (broken down being the common denominator). Signing Angel Pagan would not cure everything, but it would represent an improvement over what's happening right now.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think the Giants wanted to sign Pagan but not at the rate he was seeking. Since he's still unsigned maybe they had a point. Then again, his value may be going up!