Sunday, April 9, 2017

"W" #2 and Melancon's First Save

Win, 5-3 at SD

The Giants ended their sad opening road trip (2-5) on a good note with a quality start from the remarkable Cueto and an inaugural save from our big money new closer, Mark Melancon.  It is far too early to talk about a "must win," however this one sure felt important.

All of the classic parts showed up today for the first time this season: a good start (game score 61, 7 solid innings), some offense from our big guns (Pence and Posey hit back to back dingers!), and an actual save (with a game ending DP).  Things were getting a bit tense way too early around here. I mean, come on, complete lack of trust in our ability to score runs and to protect a lead shouldn't be here until June. Right?  This game is a quick fix for that paranoia. We can all take a breath now. It is going to be okay.  Until tomorrow.

(Note: No Vlog and limited posting due to the fact that my crazy life kept me too busy today. I had a big photo shoot with my gorgeous wife's dance troupe, so I really didn't follow the action. Forgive me and look for the Vlog again soon)


M.C. O'Connor said...

Forgiveness? Hah! That's for priests.

Just kidding. Yes, a lovely win. So impressed by Cueto's fortitude, I thought he was done after six and yet he got three more outs. Law and Melancon both looked shaky then got the outs they needed. Closer to "the formula" than anything so far!

Did you look at the standings? AZ 6-1, CO 5-2, LA 4-3, SD 3-4, SF 2-5. Games behind the leader: 1, 2, 3, 4. Love those early season results.

Matt Moore gets Home Opener honors.

M.C. O'Connor said...

You look forward to the next day,” Melancon said. “You don’t dwell on the past.

Words to live by!

nomisnala said...

I wonder if the radar was broken, but according to the radar gun, there were
two pitches by Cueto that hit 98. Most of his fastballs were around 92, one or
two 93 or 94, and then later in the game two at 98 must have been a technical