Monday, October 8, 2007

LCS set

Yes, this is a GIANTS blog, but I can't avoid remarks on the playoffs. The wildly improbable Colorado-Arizona NL West match-up is a head-scratcher's nightmare. Who knew? Who figured? Boston overwhelmed LA-Anaheim, out-manning them in every phase of the game. But the real news is the Cleveland Indians have eliminated the New York Yankees. Who can't enjoy that? I come from a Red Sox family (my Mom and Dad were born and raised in Boston, Mom saw Ted Williams play), but I'm rooting for the Indians. Cosmically, their World Series Futility Streak is linked to the Giants. In 1954, the Indians were defeated by Willie Mays' New York Giants despite having the all-time best record in baseball. Cleveland had been champs in 1948, and after such a great season most pundits figured them to beat the Giants. But they got swept, four games to none. So if Cleveland breaks the curse of 1954, maybe the San Francisco Giants can as well! (Hey, throw me a bone here, eh?) The Indians had two close calls, with the Manny Ramirez-Kenny Lofton-Omar Vizquel teams in 1995 and 1997. Giants fans don't have to be reminded of our club's championship drought. One of these days it will be OUR TURN.
Go Indians!

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