Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1-2 punch

And a big roundhouse left to finish them off!

Matt Cain is rated as the 3rd best 23-year old in baseball by Rich Lederer at The Baseball Analysts. Only Ryan Zimmerman and Troy Tulowitzki are ahead of him. See the 12 Feb "Baseball Beat" entry.

Tim Lincecum is rated as the 8th best 24-year old (can you believe he is OLDER than Cain?) behind the likes of Hanley Ramirez, Prince Fielder, and Cole Hamels. Interestingly, Francisco Liriano is one spot AHEAD of our boy, despite not playing last year. Check out the 11 Feb entry.

Right now I am fantasizing about a playoff-caliber team. Our opponent is looking at the pitching matchups. First, a stiff right cross you knew was coming but couldn't avoid (The Big M.C.). Then, a lightning right jab you never had a chance to see (The Link). Staggered, a cartoonish left that has no business busting your chops almost finishes you off (Da Beezy). Then we whip out a Lowry or Correia on yer ass and you are toast!

Some day, some day . . .

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