Tuesday, February 26, 2008


You have to take these fluff pieces with a grain of salt, but anything that pumps up MATT CAIN will get a banner headline here at RMC. M.C. is Our Main Man on The Mound this year, and that is no disrespect to the Wunderkind or Yogi B. The "Hurra-Cain" will blow 'em away in 2008!!!!

Calling on all RMC'ers: I would like to work on the look of the website. If you have digital photos of the park, the players, yourselves in Giants garb or any other SF-themed images, pick out some good ones and send them my way (moc@snowcrest.net). I hope to customize and spruce up the look of the blogger page a bit, give it more color and individuality. Thanks for all the great contributions so far and KEEP IT UP!!!

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