Friday, February 8, 2008

How the West was Won

Go to the ESPN NL Team Batting stats site. Click on the headers to sort by RUNS. We finish 15th of 16 teams. Sort by OPS. We finish 16th. But we had an inkling that might be so. What I find interesting is that SD, AZ and LA aren't that much better in those categories--all are 10th spot or below. Colorado is off the charts, of course, but we'll throw them out for the sake of discussion. Now click on NL Team Pitching. We knew SD won with arms, and the stats bear it out. We look pretty good, though. And LA and AZ are right there, too (sort by BAA--batting average against--and Runs allowed). Of course, they all won more games than they lost. And we finished in last place, 11 games behind LA (82-80). What's the deal? Was our fielding that bad? Not really. Go ahead, click on NL Team Fielding. I know, we didn't steal enough bases! We know how to sort for that, eh? Use "Expanded I" in Team Batting and you'll see we were FOURTH in the league! Hmmmm. Of course, we blew a lot of saves last year (Team Pitching, Expanded I), and more importantly, had few save opportunities, giving us a wretched percentage. So, I conclude from this deep and thoughtful analysis that we need a better bullpen. Not just a save artist, but setup men, set-up setup men, spot relievers, lefty-righty specialists, DP dudes, K wizards, and innings eaters. Whaddya say, amigos? How 'bout an exciting discussion about our bullpen? Hell, we gotta talk about SOMETHING between now and spring training!!!!


JC Parsons said...

I am SO GLAD to see that you have taken time off from your usual mantra (homers, homers, we must have homers, ommm)to figure out what is really going on out there in our division.
Clarly our offense is putrid (any team with Molina and Rowand as the power is scary bad) however the quickest way to more wins is by fixing the bullpen. Especially since there is some hope there. So what does SABASH do? well...ummm....oh yeah that ancient asian nobody.
Isn't Otsuka still out there? Or was he hurt?
I like Wilson, but Walker seems unlikely. Brad is solid but we need a leftie. Forget about Kline (obvious trade material). I think we really need to give Sanchez a shot at LH setup. If his control improves (which it often does at that age) his K rate makes him a good reliel choice. We already have 2 leftie starters too.

M.C. O'Connor said...

AZ and SD (and CRox) hit exactly 40 more HR's than us. LA had fewer, but a higher SLG%. I STILL WANT HOMERS!!!!

Agree about Walker, tho I think he will be an effective semi-setup K specialist. Wilson: closer. H'ssey: RH setup. Agree about Sanchez, too. He could be DEADLY from the 'pen. That means Correia is our #5. I can live with that.

Read more about our abysmal offense at Pinto's Musings. I found this via OBM.

Zo said...

Dude....Scott Williamson.....awright!

M.C. O'Connor said...

At least it is a minor league deal for Williamson. He has pretty good K potential, and might be useful in a specialist role if one of our youngsters fails to pan out. Interesting career: Rookie of the Year and All-Star to journeyman to minor-leaguer, sandwiched around a very impressive (2 wins, 3 saves in 8 games, 8 IP, 14 K) 2003 post-season for the BoSox. Success at the big-league level is so fleeting!