Friday, April 18, 2008

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Have you ever been knockin' back a few pints with yer bhoyos and got so caught up in the bonhomie and camaraderie that you had a few--well, several--too many? And you have to get home, you can't pass out on the fookin' barstool, so you suck it up and tough it out and stagger and weave and bob and somehow, someway, you manage to get to a safe place where you can collapse? Ever gobbled a little too much acid or mushrooms and realize the next 12 fookin' hours of my life are not my own? You hope whatever gods you can speak to in the interim that you can survive with your dignity, clothes, wallet and "permanent record" intact? No? Well, don't worry, mates, we've got the 2008 Giants. You don't NEED to have wretched, life-changing experiences to "wise up" and get sober. The 2008 Giants are a bad trip, a drunken binge, a root canal, a dose of herpes and an IRS audit all rolled into one! Matt Cain gave up MORE RUNS TONIGHT THAN IN ANY OTHER PREVIOUS START OF HIS YOUNG CAREER!!!!! Now there is certainly no shame in giving up the big fly to a fella like Albert Pujols. But that was just the dessert, the pièce de résistance tonight. He pitched like shit. It's going to happen. M.C. is going to have nights like this. This is the big leagues, there are no mulligans, no "do-overs." You either got the goods or you get lit up. Tonight our boy had bupkis. And he paid the price. All that's left to say is "shake it off, pal, get 'em next time." Y'know sumthin'? He will.


JC Parsons said...

Wow! That is the sick and twisted "Noir Stickboy" which we all love so much. At least it is good to know that after a horrible loss, there just might be a truly excellent post by the chief "fookin' bhoyo" here at RMC.

We do all have to remember that days like this will happen. Even if Matt pitches like himself we lose that game, so we can't let the details get to us. Nice idea, but absolute bullshit, I know. We all know we are looking at about 100 losses, so really all that matters is the quality of play and evidence of progress. Matt seems to be bouncing back and forth between good and bad performances, a pattern that started in spring training. So his progress is hard to assess so far. Let's hope he doesn't get too frustrated waiting for win #1.

Having said all that rational and patient stuff, Am I prepared for Tim to have a poor outing? HELL NO!!! The Enchanter is a fucking machine! Think Steve Carlton in 1972...well maybe not with 30 complete games.

One positive: Freddie got a hit and his first steal. Just like last year, he seems to be taking advantage of his chance. A couple more hits against lefties and he has got the job.

M.C. O'Connor said...

If my best work is a product of anguish and despair, what will happen to me if we start winning? A job at Hallmark?

M.C. O'Connor said...


18 games, 1/9 of the season

projection: 63-99, .389

allfrank said...

I thought the whole team, MC included looked very subdued, very distinctly un-gamer, un-warrior like this Friday night. Sort of a "lose one for the Gipper attitude. Anyone else see it?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Sometimes we get the feeling that Matt has to throw a shutout to have a chance and, what's worse, HE KNOWS THAT. Why is it always one guy in a ro' that gets the "hard luck" treatment? I thought Matt looked physically out-of-sorts, like he never got comfortable on the mound. Lewis, however, looks more assured and confident every time I see him.