Tuesday, April 1, 2008

5.2 3 0 0 4 5

I'm sure this one will add to the continuing bullshit spewed out by Giants brass about how "close" we are to being a winning team. That if we just "execute" better we will win all those fookin' endless goddamn "close" games. Whatta buncha crap. We stink. We aren't going to win those games. And why Yabu? (I didn't get to hear the game.) Why not Wilson? Is it because Yabu is a veteran and has savvy? Or does Brian Wilson have dengue fever? Or a bloody fookin' bloody hangnail?

M.C. threw too many pitches--114. And walked 4 guys. That means a short night. But 5 Ks and ZERO RUNS ALLOWED ain't bad. Of course we lose. Winning means scoring runs. We have an organizational policy directly opposed to that. We only hire fellows who make lots of outs. It is cheaper that way. Guys who get on base make the game go longer. Now, you can only eat so many goddamn hot dogs or suck down so many latt├ęs. At a certain point your basic fan just pulls the plug on the $8.00/beer scam and hunkers down in case there's a foul ball to scramble for. So, if they are done paying, get 'em the hell out. That's where the "anti-safe" policy of hiring out-makers pays off. Games end faster, cusotdians and vendors and ushers all go home earlier, the lights go off sooner, all brilliant money-saving moves. And the best part? Fans wake up from the three-tequilas-past-the-puke-point ballgame they just consumed feeling better about it from an increased night's rest. Yeah. More hours in the sack, less time spent thinking about the damn Giants. Those suits in marketing are hella smart, aren't they?


JC Parsons said...

Hey dude, I know it is early in the year but still...
Brian Wilson is our CLOSER (which means we won't see much of him) and as I am sure you know, in classic baseball strategy (the only kind Bochy uses)you DO NOT use your closer in a tie game on the road. (You use an ancient nobody!) If you use the closer, then you have to use a scrub to get the save. You may not agree with it, but that is always how Bochy will play it.
How can Matt reduce that pitch count? You can't blame him for trying to be perfect, not with the group behind him.

Chris said...

Hooray for Cain.

Boo for the Giants.

Cain looked pretty good for his first start. I can't say that I like him throwing as many pitches as he did. It was very Dusty-esque.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hi Chris, thanks for dropping in, "Bay City" is a great blog, I read your stuff regularly.

Go Giants!

M.C. O'Connor said...

True about Wilson and Boch, JCP. I guess I'd like to see BW get some work, we have an off-day Thursday. (I'd rather take a shot in the 9th with my best guy, since the odds of winning in extras on the road are probably low anyway, one shot left with the top of the lineup with this bunch.)

Brother Bob said...

A crappy start from Zito was a given. At least he settled down after the first. Cain was fine, although we know he can be better. We shouldn't be quibbling about pitch counts at this point. Six shutout innings is a beautiful thing.
Roberts has led off both games with singles. Rowand hasn't done too badly; but no big deal either. Velez came up big in his only chance so far.
I changed the channel last night atfer Cain left the game so most of my observations are basedon perusing this morning's box score. Apparently Hennessey sucked big-time.

Chris said...

Thanks MC,

This was the first blog I checked today after MC's start last night.

JC Parsons said...

Hi Chris! I am a fellow contributor here on RMC, along with M. C. O'Connor. I also want to THANK YOU for checking us out and including our site in your list of friends.
I always check out BCB, great work. I especially loved all that hard work concerning pitch data. I really learned alot. Keep it up! We crazy Giants bloggers need to stick together...especially this year.

Chris said...

Thanks a lot JC,

I enjoy your guys' blog as well. Keep up the good work. It's always good to read new Giants blogs.