Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sorry, Ron, but your e-mail was impossibly upbeat, and I had to share it. After all, it is mostly doom & gloom around here. Now, where were you during Irrational Giants Exuberance Week?

So, here's the relevant piece:

Thinking big, of course, I thought of the 1969 Mets & looked up some numbers. I know ... it was another era, with league-wide offensive problems, but it was comforting to think that a team with:

An HR Leader with 26 HR’s (Tommie Agee = Rowand?)
An RBI Leader with 76 RBI’s (Agee = Molina?)
A SB Leader wtih 16 SB’s (Cleon Jones = several of our current stars)
A BA Leader with .340 (Jones = ???), but no other regular higher than .279 (Ken Boswell)

& no major contribution from a left-handed hitting position player managed to win the World Series, based upon great young pitching, defense, & making the most of every opportunity. In making this comparison, I am not necessarily predicting 100 regular season wins & a World Series title. But, you never know

The I-Ron speaks. Heckle on, O My Brothers.


JC Parsons said...

Schpilkas does not cover this level of optimism. We need a new word. Insane, irrational, loco...all come to mind.

Only someone about to get married would be able to have such a wonderful outlook! ENJOY!!

Beat the doggers! Everything else is gravy.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Ron's wrong to compare the Mets offense to our offense, in 1969, that was just a year after Bob Gibson's ERA was as close to 1.00 as any starting pitcher had ever been, it was the reason why the height of the mound was lowered and the AL was so desperate for offense that they created that abomination that still lingers, the DH.