Sunday, March 9, 2008


Please tell me we survived Irrational Giants Exuberence Week. Good Golly, this team will be a test of our patience and fortitude....
Well, since I have neither of those attributes, I shall stick to my strength and I declare Rational Paranoid Pessimism Week. Face it, this is something we can really get behind.
May I begin?

1) Is Tim old enough to get a groin injury? I always thought that was code for too much "love you long time." Maybe there is a "real" groin injury and our little Timmy has it!! I know the press is telling us one thing, but I figure that could be a spin job to control the possible panic. We all better hope this is nothing and Tim is back enchanting us all in a few days. Face it. The way this team is currently built it is all about Matt and Tim growing into stars in the Majors. Either one of those guys get hurt and this year will be a complete waste.

2) Is it possible to treat our best prospects any worse? It sickens me to see what Frandsen is being put through. All because we pay Ray-Ray so damn much. And what about Sanchez? Is he a starter this week? How about a new pitching motion in March? And, how many guys with big upsides (like Merkin, Threets, and Lewis) are we going to lose because we will keep around detritus (like Kline and Roberts)?

3) How is it possible to start a season without acquiring a REAL firstbaseman or a DECENT thirdbaseman? I have nothing against Ortmeier, but the idea that he is ready and/or the best available option seems like a scam that only Karl Rove could pull over on the public. Who is our thirdbaseman anyway? Aurilia? And, how is this rebuilding?

I see very dark days ahead. I wish I was just talking about the losses. We have all lived through many more losses than victories. What I worry about is the embarassment. As the elderly Ron loves to remind us, any team with Benjie Molina cleaning up is pretty scary. Add in a horrible bullpen that was only "improved" with AAA types. Don't forget the inevitable injuries...oh gee, I guess they have already started! I honestly can't remember a team with a greater potential for disaster (that actually sounds kind of positive).

So, let's all join in on RPPW. Hit me with your best paranoid fantasies involving our beloved team. How will life mock us next? If everybody can out do me then I guess I'm not really being paranoid, just shrewd. Fine line there.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

1. Tim will be OK. Look at his motion--the huge "step-over." I predict groin soreness will be his normal Spring routine. (Paranoia? You want paranoia? Really? How about this? Tim has advanced testicular cancer. It is untreatable. He has a six months to live. You sure you want to go to those places?)

2. No. Youth = treated abysmally by B & S. As wacky as Felipe was, at least he gave the kids a real shot. He let Jerome Williams and Yorvit Torrealba start a play-off game, fer chrissakes.

3. How? I cannot say. But we can embrace 42-120, can we not? And, if we cannot, why not?

OH Orty-boy
the strikes,
the strikes are calling . . .

(sung to the tune of "Danny Boy")