Tuesday, March 4, 2008


A matchup I'd like to see in real time: Greg Maddux, the grizzled vet, the control expert, one of the Greatest of His Time, versus Tim Lincecum, the phenom, the flamethrowing kid, the Great Giant Hope. In Arizona today we had another case of LIFE MOCKS US: Maddux faces six batters and gets six boring, routine, somebody-pour-me-a-beer-it's-the-Giants outs. Our boy shows all his flash and poise and still gives up three runs. I guess we have to get excited about Rich Aurilia and Aaron Rowand muscling up, but I'm past that whole homer thing. Hell, I want to see Eugenio Velez run the bases like a hillbilly chasing his hogs. The Tim-ster put down a perfect bunt, did you catch that on the highlights? Now THAT'S the kinda stuff that'll win ballgames, dammit! I hereby declare IRRATIONAL GIANTS EXUBERANCE WEEK! Time for some irrational exuberance. Get irrational! Be exuberant! Fly in the face of conventional wisdom! Kick sand in a stat-geek's face! Get down, get funky, get IGEW!

Aaron Rowand will hit 30 HRs in the 4-spot behind a resurgent Ray (.290/.380/.450) Durham. Bruce Bochy will garner three (3) "Manager-of-the-Year" columns when the Giants are .500 and only 5 back at the All-Star Break.


JC Parsons said...

Here's my IGE:

Sabean decides that "rebuilding" does not include playing at least three has beens in the opening day lineup. Durham, Aurilia, Kline, and Roberts are all shipped or DFAed. Molina and Winn are moved for quality prospects. Now we are talking!!!

BTW, my boy Tim did OK. He did get a couple big strikeouts and the RBI double was a grounder down the line.

Question: Will we ever play an error free game?

M.C. O'Connor said...

I expect we will see a lot of well-pitched games by MC and TL, only to be cruelly mocked by the results.

No. We will make an error in every game this season. (WOOPS, IGEW, I FORGOT!) Yes. We will play MANY error-free games.