Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bloggers Rule! ( 6 8 5 4 1 2)

Check out Obsessive Giants Compulsive for a nice piece on our Main Man called "Why I Love Cain." that sort of thing can't go un-noticed here at RMC.

UPDATE (1600):

27 TBF for Matt in 6 IP today. Must have been an uuuuuuuuugly 1st inning. What is it with our staff and the first fookin' inning? 6 ground outs, 9 fly outs, only 2 Ks. A "caught stealing" makes the 18th out. It is nice to see 5 IP with zeros, but the line is still pretty bad. Good thing it doesn't count. Do we have to mention our lack of offense? No? Good thing.

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