Thursday, April 3, 2008

Freaky Tim

"People have called me a freak of nature before," said Lincecum (1-0). "Now they have another reason to call me that."

The legend of The Enchanter grows!

We have all watched a ton of baseball (probably too much) yet I sincerely doubt if anyone out there has ever witnessed such ridiculous, confusing, reckless and arbitrary handling of a pitcher. Oh and not just any pitcher, our Crown Jewel, The Franchise....The Freak. Apparently Tim is just too young to know that the way he was used defies all logic. I figure my head is just not big enough to think like Bochy.

Setting aside the insanity of our management for a minute, last night's thriller had several terrific moments:
* Merkin has arrived!!! Talk about schpilkas!!! Anybody that strikes out the top of the dogger lineup to start a game deserves major kudos. Valdez is easy to overlook in this game (because of the freak show that followed) but he could really be the best thing about the night.
* Mark's Weenie made an appearance and promptly got dispatched by Tim. Sorry, Sue.
* Russell Martin, the one dogger I must reluctantly admit is a stud, was completely abused by Tim TWICE in key situations. Nasty pitches that Martin could only look at.
* Bullpen potential was just dripping out there. Sure they will screw up, but these guys have a chance to really be good. Taschner looks super confident, Walker has a pretty good looking split, and Wilson gets off to a great start with a 4 out save.
* Tim's hit, not only led to the winning run, but it was also one of best line drives hit by Giant so far. A sweet swing.

A truly entertaining game. Yet, I still have a lingering anger. Can anybody really justify the decisions made last night? Are these guys making it up as they go along? Is conventional wisdom a pile of crap? Enlighten me. Explain.

I guess it doesn't really matter when you have a freak like Tim to throw out there every fifth day.


M.C. O'Connor said...

They are "making up as they go along." Last night is proof positive. They got a kid who is rubber-armed and has impossible stuff. What do they do? They say "yer pichin' tonite." Then they say "no yer not." Then they say "how 'bout ya get warmed up agin?" Then they say "sit here." Then they say "git loose an' git back out there." Tim may be a freak, but he still deserves to be coached properly and used properly. The fact that he may be THE FRANCHISE makes Boch's handling inexcusable. The idea that Sabes was trying to trade him for Alex Rios is beyond laughable, it is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Very strange indeed. I guess they were counting on a rainout after 2 or 3 innings. You gotta love what Lincecum did with the situation.
Lots of positives. MareKEEN was a stud. Makes you want him in the rotation, doesn't it? AyYouHANEyo is ugly, but not Willie McGee ugly, and I liked what I saw in the first inning when got his SB. The team got its first win, and its first extra base hit, a double from Castillo.
Brother Bob
(I already forgot my password, I guess)

Zo said...

I was surprised, they really tried to lose this game in 5. What was it, 7 baserunners on 4 hits, 2 walks and an error in the first 4 innings and we couldn't (yet again) score? Amazingly incompetent. Aside from the weird moves, the lack of execution is astounding. These guys are, for the most part, not playing major league baseball. Is this a case of a blind pig finding an acorn? Not to be too negative (although that is usually my best side), a win is a win. Every team needs a little luck along the way, lest the Rockies forget. Maybe the doggers got a little of that luck the previous night when Matt Cain deserved better.