Sunday, May 25, 2008

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( The usual "Matt Freak," M. C. O'Connor, is off enjoying an adventure with his lovely wife. Yes, everyone is surprised that he has a lovely wife. Standing in for MOC is the usual "Tim Freak," JC Parsons. I guess that's a warning. )

Well, crap.

No, I'm not "crapping" due to a pair of tough losses to a team for which every Giants fan has a special "distaste." I'm not "crapping" because we wasted a spectacular offensive day by Molina ( 4 doubles! ). I'm not "crapping" because Omar played like a retiree ( 0 for 7 with an error ) on his special day. I'm not even "crapping" ( does it sound like I have a digestive problem? ) because golden boy, Matt Cain, pitched well enough to win AGAIN and came away with a no decision. I'm "crapping" because I have to write about it.

Thanks to RMC "behind-the-scenes" type, newlywed Ron (congrats!!), we decided to alter the pitching rotation, as it were. I would do the next Cain start and MOC would take Lincecum coverage. Everybody, but me, loved the idea. Come on, Tim has been a machine-God! Good things happen when the Kid takes the mound. Matt is truly a stud, but it is somehow different. I enjoy his pitching and expect great things from him, however, right now it is hard not to expect a loss. Hell, it is tough not to expect EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED SUNDAY. What good does it do anyone to analyze another Cain heartbreak? I can't bring myself to think about it, let alone write about it. Go back and read this one. So, now you see...crap.

However, ( quick mood change ), I have devised a way to be useful to my patient readers. There is a rumor that a big mid year analysis is coming here at RMC. Exciting, eh? To get you all tuned up, I thought a little 2008 Giants baseball trivia quiz would be in order. I'll post the answers as a "heckler" below so be sure to let us know how you did. No looking up stuff, this is just to see if you have been paying attention. (BTW all stats are from before the double header) Here we go!

1. Since his debut, Matt Cain has the third lowest BA% against, .223. Who are the 2 lower?

2. Matt has taken a no-hitter into the seventh inning ____ times in his career.

3. The Giants lead the majors in one run games in their first 49 games with _____.

4. We have had two walk off wins this year. Who did them?

5. Who leads the team in runs (25) and walks(18)?

6. Which Giant leads the league in road avg (.390)?

7. Which Giants minor league team are called the "Defenders"?

8. Which minor league team is leading their division?

9. What is the only day of the week that we have a winning record on?

10. How many times has Bochy been ejected this year?

Winners will receive a guided tour inside Bruce Bochy's head! Doesn't everyone want to know what 's going on in there? Tour size limited to 12 adults.


Brother Bob said...

Answer to questions 1-10:
I agree that Mark's wife is lovely. Sue's almost as pretty as Mark himself, but she has a nicer ass.
(This is not meant as a knock on Mark's ass)
Apparently I don't feel like writing about baseball.
Way to go Ron. Everyone should get married at least once.
For the record I also did not love the idea of changing assignments, but there's only really been 2 of them, Cain & Lincecum. Sanchez is barely worth writing about half the time. And I still don't know how to make an "original post" even though I'm allegedly in "the starting rotation."
I think I must be "crapping" too. There's something about losing both games of a double header that is depressing.

JC Parsons said...

sorry, I took a break...Here are those answers:
1) A classic Cain question: Only Chris Young (.207) and Johan Santana (.221) are tougher to hit.
2) Basic, easy Matt question: Four times, once this year 4/12 vs. Cards.
3) Nitpicky, but essential. Twenty three, 11-12 (after Sunday). Last year, we led the world in two or less run games; 94, 39-55 (.415).
4) Molina and Ortmeier, on consective days, April 8&9 vs. SD. Bengie's was his first ever walk-off HR, and Ort's double was noteworthy as his first RH AB against a RH pitcher.
5) This should be easy: FreddieLew. He has also struckout four times in a game on three occasions this year. Is that right??
6) The Gomer, er I mean, Gamer. Aaron Rowand is hitting well. His last homer went over 440 feet.
7) Currently in fifth place in the tough AA Eastern League, our Connecticut Defenders, are 22-24.
8) That would be the San Jose Giants of the A California League. They are 30-19 and tied for first, as of Sunday morning.
9) I'm impressed if you got this one: Wednesday, 5-3. Thursday is OK at 2-2, but forget about Friday at 2-6.
10) Everybody MUST remember the balk game (4/29, by Darling); Tim's only loss this year. Well, Ol' Bonehead got tossed one other time (4/22 at AZ, by Fletcher) for a total of two.

For the record, the source of this crap is the official game notes, which are an excellent waste of time.

M.C. O'Connor said...

1. Funny, I would have guessed Peavy, not Young. And Webb, not Santana.

2. Only four?

3. Me not know. (I checked email before the blog, so I saw the answers. Thus, I'm scoring "what would have been,")

4. Easy. Senor Clutch and The Ort-ster. Those might be our season highlights, hang on to 'em.

5. Duh.

6. Hmmm. I suppose guessing Capt. Gamer was the smart move, he's the best hitter on the team, and no one on our team hits in our park, so . . . but I thought it was Bengie.

7. C'mon, gimme a real question.

8. I knew San Jose was smokin' and I knew Connecticut was suckin', but I guessed the GreenJackets (31-20, 3rd place, 3 GB, South Atlantic League, Southern Division, Class A). Guess I'm not checking my links.

9. What?

10. Damn! I only remembered one (the balk, of course).

Final tally: 2 right, 6 wrong, 2 abstensions. W-L-D, 2-6-2. Not good.