Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yeah, he pitches today. But that's not who I mean. The other Barry, remember him? John Brattain has another excellent piece about The Greatest Player Of Them All in The Hardball Times. Mr. Brattain has a refreshing, consistently contrarian voice in his work about BLB.


Ron said...

LPL = 3.5 ... impressive, but the post does not meet the 5-line minimum. Sort of like looking at a relief pitcher's weekly ERA. (e.g. I thought the 'he pitches' link to Barry Zito's stat page was a bit gratuitous).

The column is OK, although my take on the current situation is that every team Owner knew that new indictments were imminent. Why would you want to sign someone who was about to become re-embroiled in that shit, no matter how pathetic this witch hunt has become. I will not be satisfied until Selig & the Owners are indicted for their part in promoting the steroids era. Barry's playing career in this country, right of wrong, is over.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
If Ron's going to say mean things about Jonathan(Sanchez, not Dr. Parsons), I want him back. His latest outing was an improvement over recent efforts. It's pretty hard to win when the team doesn't score. Yeah he's got wicked stuff that's all over the place. Does he get a lot of passed balls? Maybe one of you stats-adepts could tell us.
I honestly don't get the cold shoulder y'all are giving Rowand. Is it because he looks like a pud and sorta reminds one of Ron Cey?

Zo said...

Mr. Brattain has a very strong point. Does anyone here actually know Barry Bonds? I don't, so what I know of him is wholly dependent on what I have read and/or see on tv. Here are two things I have noticed - 1) few, not zero, but few ex-teammates, and there have been plenty of chances, have dumped all over him. This cancer in the clubhouse stuff doesn't come from them; and 2) seems like he is awfully chatty on base with whomever is there. Ron is probably right, his career probably is over, but the federal indictments are a witch hunt egged on by the media, no doubt about it. He may indeed be guilty, but I bet if the amount of taxpayer money spent on this shit were added up, it would make everyone but arrogant sportswriters puke. Bonds may indeed have been terribly rude to them, for all I know he may have been terribly rude to most everyone, but I know a no-fact, no-research crap-on-Bonds story when I see one which is all the fucking time. Read today's about Magowan's departure. The I-still-hate-Barry factor is all over these articles - his legacy tainted, blah, blah. Getting mad thinking about it, must go work in garden to calm down. Brother Bob, I like both Rowand and Sanchez. Rowand is not all the offense the Giants need, but he isn't that bad.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Sanchez has been wild and wacky. I'm thrilled to have him, and think he has the stuff to be the lefty flamethrower that complements our two righty studs. But he's wild and wacky, no doubt.

If no one comes knockin' on Barry's door this season, he's done. I hold out some hope that a pennant contender will take a risk and sign him for a playoff push. I've more faith in that than anyone indicting Selig and Co. They've got a legal monopoly--if Bud "cleans house" to the satisfaction of scum Congressmen like Henry Waxman, he'll get a pass.

JC Parsons said...

Your reference to Cey is spot on. I will never be able to look at Rowand again. Thanks. I am actually not impressed, particularly with his defense. My feeling is that he is currently producing over his head and will end up rather average.

I think Sanchez is the pitcher that we trade. His value is excellent yet there is a good chance he won't harness his potential. We have the depth at pitching and I say we shake it up with some more youth. There has to be a blocked third base prospect on a team that needs a good leftie. I don't think we have anybody else of enough value.

Speaking of which, tonight's lineup sickens me. Only Ortmeier (and Rowand, I guess)is worth listening to. Good god, now Yabu is coming in to replace the typically weak Ziro. How is this "rebuilding?"