Thursday, July 24, 2008

MC day

I'm on the road AGAIN (in 30 minutes or so!). I will be e-invisible for the next few days. JCP and Bro B, you got to step up again. Zo--where are ye, me bhoy? Toss us a post, eh?

After this, I promise never to miss another start. Matt Cain goes today. I hope he can stay sharp, not walk guys, and get outs efficiently.

I hope the Giants can score runs. Mostly, I hope we trade more old guys for more young guys.

¡Hasta la vista!


Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
Old guys update-
1. Dave Roberts made his first appearance since April, as a PH. He made an out.
2. Aurelia as trade bait was the lead in today's Bee story, the idea being he had a good night at the plate so his value was enhanced.
3. Omar Vizquel is reportedly going to spend most of the rest of the season on the bench (unless some other team wants him).

Anonymous said...

Never watch a Matt Cain game again, EVER. He dealt today and we can't afford to jinx it. If you really cared for Matt Cain you would understand and become e-invisible every time he pitches.