Friday, July 18, 2008

Tres Amigos 2

Here's another snappy from Oaxaca, we are lookin' good, eh? (Los Guapos are Zo, M.C. and Ron, L-R.) You can see the OG logo on the field near the batting area. The Guerreros opposition that night (4 de julio) were the Olmecas de Tabasco. You can check out exciting La Liga action here, and see a box score and recap of the ballgame (the Guerreros lost, 8-6) here. I promise not to drive everyone nuts with endless tales of México, but I received a CD of dozens of photos in the mail yesterday (thanks, Vicki!!!), and I knew I had to throw a few more on the blog before I get back to Los Gigantes. (I'll keep the thread going on TPP.) In the previous post I mentioned how the beer man, whose name was Elias, took us under his wing and made us feel welcome in the park. He is in the photo with me and my lovely bride. Next to that is TATO, the mascot, who made a nuisance of himself all evening (like a mascot should). The previous night he wore a wrestler's mask instead of the bird head, and went around trying to neck with all the girls. Tough job.

The Brewers are fighting for their lives in the NL Central. The Giants? We are struggling with "dilemmas" like what to do about Dave Roberts. Gimme a break. Ship 'em all!!! We are stuck with Rowand and Zito, the rest are expendable. Hell, it is only money.

Regardless, it is a great match-up tonight of big guys, hard throwers, "old school" smoke-meisters! Go, Matt! Kick some ass!

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