Friday, November 7, 2008


Do you want Rafael Furcal?

His career line .286/.352/.412 makes him very Winn-ish (.288/.347/.425) at a premium glove position. (They are rated 96 and 102 respectively using OPS+.) Furcal is 31, still in his prime, but coming off two injury-shortened seasons.

If he could be had for a 2-year deal, would you want him? Martin at OGC and Andrew Baggarly kick the tires on Furcal if you need some background.

My take? No, fur-chrissakes. Sure, he is an upgrade, but he's a short-term short-timer. I want to build a team from within and not with aging free agent "stars" unless they can solve an IMMEDIATE problem (like third base). A fellow like Mark Texeira is a true "impact" free agent. And we could sure use a thumper and a genuine major-league first baseman. I'm not sure I want to see the Giants throw millions his way, though, despite his impressive credentials (q.v. Giants Cove for a contrarian take on Mr. T). Pablo Sandoval sure tugged at our heartstrings last season and I'd hate to deny him a chance to show us his stuff. We picked up Josh Phelps as a bit of insurance for that move, and I'm feeling OK about it. As I've said many times, I'm willing to lose and if we know the team is moving in the right direction with youth, the draft, the farm system, etc.

So me buckos, what's your take on the FA market?


Zo said...

I agree. Especially since Mr. Texieria seems to be a target of really big money teams like the Yankees. I have seen quotes of a $200 million dollar contract, or 6 or 7 years at $20 million per. I'd rather pursue a third baseman, although the list of free agents there doesn't rattle my cage. I will concede that the Giants may be able to benefit from free agency, but it has to be the right fit - not the latest big name. We already did that.

Zo said...

Plus, we got this minor league Josh Phelps guy, a first baseman (with some outfield). How many first basemen do we need? Can anyone even count how many guys we have who are first basemen now? Some folks say that Adrian Beltre might be available, but he is not a free agent. I would find that intriguing if a trade could be put together.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm wondering if they are thinking of Sandoval at 3B, at least for half time or so, and split at first with Phelps. Frandsen could be the other 3B when he's not at 2nd?

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yeah, I would prefer the Giants avoid the free agent route, particularly any long-term ones, but speculated on what if the Giants took that route. I don't want any signing to interfere with the Giants signing Lincecum and Cain to long-term big money extensions.

I think the reason we got Phelps is as a potential platoon buddy with Ishikawa, should he end up the 1B and Sandoval at 3B. Not sure who the other 1B (particularly good hitting ones) we have that's better than Phelps, it's OK to get them as long as they are good.

And it could Rubic Cube throughout the season as MC notes, with Frandsen playing 3B when Sandoval is not there, multiple players seeing time at 2B and 1B, as well as the OF, with Roberts on the bench.

Beltre is probably not available, his salary is high but not overly high, he plays great defense, just doesn't hit for much. He's like a better Pedro Feliz for like triple the money. I wouldn't want him anyway, don't fit in long-term, particularly for the money his agent Boras will want, and would take away starting time from prospects when he's not going to improve the offense that much, if any, particularly if Sandoval is the 3B.

A nice rumor I saw was if the Rockies continue to sell and trade Atkins to the Reds, then the Reds might be willing to trade us Encarnacion, their young 3B. I would not think that they would want more than a couple of mid-level minor leaguers, probably pitchers. Pereira maybe? Misch? (though I would rather keep him) No top prospect, though, so no Sosa, Joaquin, Pucetas, Tanner, plus I would put Snyder in that group too.