Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raising the bar

Timothy LeRoy Lincecum has set a new standard for San Francisco Giants pitching excellence.  He deserved the Cy Young Award.  He was the best.  Congratulations, Tim!  And joy to all.  After all, we are all Giants.

And a wink-is-as-good-as-a-nod to the Good Doctor, who proved prescient:

Most likely to get the "glory":
By this I mean the hearts and souls of the fans, the acclaim, the awards; that kind of stuff. I think Matt's working man persona hurts him here. Also not having a nickname (an issue that this blog has tried to address) is a big handicap. I get the sense that Tim might be more likely to get the flashy stats (strikeouts, low BA) and we all know how the media loves that. Tim seems like a better photo op and that's probably the difference maker here.
Advantage: Tim

Raising Matt Cain is all about raising the bar.  Matt Cain is going to step it up next season.  He's not going to let Tim get all the glory and hardware.  He's going to kick the little pipsqueak's ass!!

Well, OK.  Sorry.  I'm getting pumped up for my main man!!  And I'm losing it.  Speaking of losing it, it's my birthday tomorrow.  I will be older than Tim + Matt.  And I'm going to spend money on Matt Cain.  Such a deal!

Baseball-Reference is always seeking page sponsorships.  And, in a sudden development, Matt's B-R page needed a sponsor!  Fabulous news.  (I use B-R like a drug.)  I pulled the trusty old PayPal account out of the garage, dusted it off, gave it new spark plug and spent the bucks.  Eighty-four Yankee dollars.  That was easy--my lovely bride and I got married on 8-4-84.  Eighty-four is my number!


I'll stop yelling now.

<---Click on Matt's bobblehead box cover to go to his page.


zo said...

If you are the sponsor, why is there an Ambien ad on Matt's page? Do you get a cut of the money from that?

M.C. O'Connor said...

This is America. We only SPEND money here, we don't question the wisdom. Fer chrissakes, if everyone had YOUR attitude we'd never had gotten into this mess in the first place!

(I get to put a little message on Matt's page. That's what $84 gets me. I have to wait until the payment clears. It's like the real estate guy's name on the back of a Little Leaguer's jersey. We all know the snack shack and free parent labor pays for Little League. But the local businesses still get hit up for contributions from endearingly-earnest tow-headed youngsters.)

Bob said...

The success of both Lincecum and Obama has boggled my mind. I need to re-examine my anti-american cynicism. Maybe there's hope after all. Probably not, but maybe.
(Formerly "Brother Bob")

Anonymous said...

Love Matty Cain... and just because I'm a twinsfan don't be hatin. I love baseball-reference too. It's my second bible.

Keep up the good work, and go Gints.