Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bring back Boof!

The Twins DFAd Boof Bonser! Bring back Boof!

The Yanks get Curtis Granderson in the biggest deal of the winter so far.


Ron said...

And Figgins is a Mariner. Even Greg Zaun has been signed up already. Our options are decreasing, & the Winter Meetings aren't even half over yet. As far as Boof goes, why not? Can he hit? Can he get a walk once-in-awhile? I just checked his offensive numbers - he's 0-for-6 lifetime, with no walks, but 3 sacrifice bunts! That's 3 productive appearances in 9 plate appearances. That makes him second to Panda, right?

Zo said...

Somewhat disturbingly, the Giants have been "linked" with almost every name - Jason Bay, Dan Uggla, Mark DeRosa, Orlando Cabrera, Jermaine Dye, Nick Johnson. Either Brian Sabean is very, very busy and focused on getting some additional offensive help, or is floundering by flailing away at anything. To be fair, the Giants are in a position where they have some flexibility to sign the best player they can and make adjustments. On the other hand, will we come away with many tires kicked but no more offense?

Maybe the good people at McCovey Chronicles will have to change their name.

Ron said...

If we're not interested in J. J. Putz to be our right-handed set-up guy, we are idiots. He's a gamble, coming off of an injury, but a worthy one.